20 Side-Splitting Teen Titans Memes That Only Real Fans Can Understand


The thing is, if we needed to explain the cultural practice of memes to a person who hardly knows a thing about memes, it would be quite a tough task. The meme is an art that proliferated with the arrival of the Internet. People started sharing images with captions to link them to their life, and somehow that made it funny.

No matter whether you understand memes or not, they have become an integral and major part of the pop culture and fandom. Memes are a good tool for fans to share inside jokes among themselves, so one image might just leave fans rolling from laughter, and the other might leave them puzzled. That’s the magic of memes: you can either completely understand them or you can’t, and in case you can’t, the best option would be to admit and move on. In this particular case, the memes might either connect to your heart or simply make you stare in confusion.

Teen Titans has some of its own memes ranging from absolutely funny to somewhat sad. The show had a range of fantastic situations and images which suit memes well. However, if you don’t happen to be a Teen Titans fan or don’t know about the show, these memes are unlikely to amuse you (barring a few exceptions).

So do you think you know Teen Titans? Can you comprehend these memes? We present to you 20 fantastic Teen Titans memes to test yourself against.

20. Beast Boy Is Working It!

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19. Socializing Is Hard Work

18. Do You Like Waffles?

17. Don’t Tick Off These Ladies

16. Don’t Bother Me, I’m Reading

15. Robin May Have An Unhealthy Obsession

14. Starfire Has Had Enough

13. Yeah, Raven Would Definitely Say This

12. This Show Is On Again?

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11. I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

10. Do You Ship These Two?

9. What Was His Name Again?

8. I Thought These Two Were Cute Together

7. People Really Don’t Like The New Robin

6. Raven Doesn’t Do Tofu

5. We Think You’re Funny, Starfire

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4. Maybe Robin Really Should Eat A Snickers

3. Does Raven Even Like Waffles?

2. These Are Strangely Fitting

1. This Grin Is Hilarious And Creepy


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