24 Insanely Funny Teen Titans Comics


Teen Titans was (still is) among the best DC comics-based TV series ever. Starting in 2003, the Cartoon Network’s show featuring the young superheroes undertake various adventures for five seasons, before bidding farewell with Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (2006). This show was created by Glen Murakami whose works include Batman Beyond and Ben 10: Ultimate AlienTeen Titans had action, comedy and merged all the right elements with a great deal of personality to create a winning formula. Back in 2013, a miserable spin-off called Teen Titans Go!came out, but, true fans would rather not acknowledge its existence.

The Titans in the show are Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy. They can be immediately recognized and are supported by peculiar origin stories, with each season of the original series being focused on one member of the team, ensuring that they all got their exposure. Teen Titans was a definitive series of the mid-2000s, at least if you ask the kids and teenagers who grew up during that time. Their stories used to be family friendly, but the Cartoon Network series never addressed its viewers. The series was based on the Marv Wolfman and George Perez comics New Teen Titans and by making it DC proved that Batman wasn’t the only superhero who was ideal for great animation series.

While the Teen Titans didn’t hesitate from going dark, it had comedy as a major element. Cyborg and Raven were always game for something hilariously stupid, and that’s why Teen Titans humor is not restricted only to the animation!

Here we present to you 25 extremely funny Teen Titans comics!

24. Work Before Pleasure

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23. Robin Plays Favorites

22. Exceeding Expectations

21. In The Heat Of The Moment…

20. Robin Takes Off His Mask (Feels Good)

19. School For The Gifted (And Disappointment)

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18. Raven’s Slip Of The Tongue

17. Cyborg, Life Is Rarely Fair!

16. An Unexpected Valentine

15. Teen Titans’ New Leader

14. Raven’s True Identity (Has Nothing In Common With Twilight)

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13. Raven, We Wish That Was The Case!

12. Resistance Is Futile (Or, Is It?)

11. Calming The Beast (Not That One)

10. Beast Boy’s Avant Garde Painting (Is Slightly Weird)

9. Justice Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes

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8. Robin Accepts Facts (There Is Only One Robin)

7. Teenage Banter

6. Lost In Translation

5. Titan Tower Opens A Petting Zoo

4. Raven’s Birthday Bash

3. RobRae’s Fury Cannot Be Tamed

2. Good Night, Sweet Princess

1. Teen Titans And The Wardrobe Malfunction



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