Teen Titans Characters Who Looked Much Different On Screen (Better Or Worse)


Teen Titans served as the staple dose of entertainment for a generation of kids. Robin,  Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven were the superheroes that a whole generation first familiarized with before delving into the world of Superman, Batman, and others.

However, the TV show didn’t create the characters using the actual comic book designs. Since it had to target a much younger audience, the characters were adapted to a more cartoon style. The comic book characters looked more grown up, but, they had to be converted into more innocent and colorful versions. This resulted in some of the character designs being a success and their cute forms keeping them connected to their original character versions.

This fresh batch of redesigned characters also had quite a few that didn’t work out well. There were characters which were completely revamped, making them lose touch with the design that had already been popular and creating someone who didn’t look anything like the name. Teen Titans preferred maintaining a serious tone, and that was another reason for disappointment when the characters, in fact, looked quite goofy.

For the purpose of this list, we didn’t take into account Teen Titans Go!, but, it must be mentioned that they have also indulged in creating their own character designs to make them cute (and according to a few, foolish).

So here we present to you a list of Teen Titans character designs which turned out to be better or worse on the television show.

20. Better: Starfire

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19. Worse: Pantha

18. Better: Slade (Deathstroke)

17. Worse: Cyborg

16. Better: Beast Boy

15. Worse: Jinx

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14. Better: Terra

13. Worse: Gizmo

12. Better: Raven

11. Worse: Mammoth

10. Better: Bumblebee

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9. Worse: Argent

8. Better: Aqualad

7. Worse: Brother Blood

6. Better: The Brain

5. Worse: Robot Man

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4. Better: Trigon

3. Worse: General Immortus

2. Better: Cheshire

1. Worse: Mad Mod


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