Latest Avengers: Infinity War Clip Features The Battle Between Team Cap And Black Order


Frankly, this clip is pretty much what we have already seen earlier when the footage of Steve Rogers taking on Proxima Midnight came out, but, this is an extended version, incorporating a few new visuals of the Captain and his pals beating down the Thanos’ stooges.

There was also a much better look at Corvus Glaive (Peter Dinklage) when Black Widow delivered a knock-out punch on him. It doesn’t mean that he will be down for long because he is going to be a mighty enemy for the Avengers.

The leader of the Black Order is famous for his combat expertise and as a genius tactician. What makes things worse for the Avengers is his immortality that comes via his weapon which is a glaive that keeps him safe from any injury, and it has the power to cut through any element or person known in the universe.

The fact is, even after the Black Order is taken care of, there is a giant size threat called Thanos to face. The disorderly Mad Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin), is single-mindedly obsessed with wiping out half of the universe as part of his desperate efforts to protect his doomed home planet of Titan from complete destruction.

We look forward to seeing Captain America and his trusted fellows to brighten up the big screen when Avengers: Infinity War releases on April 27th, and by then we will be able to understand the post-credits scene of the movie or maybe the absence of it.


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