40+ Tarzan Quotes From The Tarzan Movie

Tarzan quotes

These Tarzan quotes are from Tarzan movie. There are so many Tarzan quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Tarzan quotes exists just do that.

Tarzan is the main hero of Disney’s 1999 energized highlight film of a similar name. Ordinarily known as the Ape Man, Tarzan was safeguarded and raised by a province of primates after his folks were executed by the ruthless Sabor.

With assistance from his beloved companions Terk and Tantor, Tarzan would develop to turn into the valiant defender of the primates and the wilderness everywhere—at the same time never knowing the outside world.

Tarzan is an amazingly fearless, steadfast, and respectable character. He thinks profoundly about his family and companions and was happy to hazard his life to spare them. He’s additionally known to be eager to safeguard his foes; a case of this was when Clayton was going to tumble to his demise, and Tarzan shouted “Clayton! Clayton, don’t!” and connected with spare him, despite the fact that Clayton had lethally injured Kerchak and endeavored to slaughter him and grab his entire gorilla family. This likewise demonstrates, as most saints, he is one to save the adversary erroneously.

In his childhood, Tarzan was energetic and carefree yet additionally felt like an untouchable because of the way that he was human. Until Jane Porter, her dad, and Clayton arrived he had never observed another human and was, in this manner, unconscious of what species he was. Also, as a grown-up, he had developed into a progressively genuine character yet at the same time showed a lively and cordial side when around his family and companions.

Tarzan was additionally extremely inquisitive and when he heard a shot he went to explore while the remainder of his family moved further into the wilderness. It was a direct result of his inquisitive nature that he met Jane, Professor Porter, and Clayton.

In The Legend of Tarzan arrangement, he has appeared to take over as the pioneer and keeping in mind that he holds most of his character from the film, there are some different angles investigated and extended. For instance, he demonstrates a disdain of panthers (justifiably so since they executed his folks and assaulted him and his family before) and wouldn’t acknowledge a child whelp that Jane found.

We have dug up these Tarzan quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Tarzan Sayings in a single place. These famous Tarzan quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Tarzan quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Tarzan quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“Why are you threatened by anyone different from you?”

Tarzan best quotes

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“Terk, I’m asking you as a friend.”

Tarzan famous quotes

“No matter where I go, you will always be my mother.”

Tarzan popular quotes

“Why didn’t you tell me there were creatures who look like me?”

Tarzan quotes

“But I do. I have spent time with them.”

Tarzan saying

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“I’ll be the best ape ever!”

“How’d you know it was me?”

“I thought you knew everything.”

“I came home.”

“[imitating Jane] It’s very nice.”

“[grunts and points to himself] Tarzan.”


“[points to self] Tarzan.”

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“[mimiking her tone and gestures] No, no, no. No. Amph. I’m Jane.”

“Not a man like you!”

“Kerchak, forgive me.”

“No. Kerchak.”

“They mean us no harm.”

“What was that?”

“[Takes the chalk and examines it] Gor-illa.”




“Tarzan. Tar-zan.”

“Oh, I see!”

“[points at himself] Tarzan.”

“[points at Jane] Oh, I see.”

“No, no, no. No.”

“[clears throat, points at himself] I’m Jane.”


“Tarzan: Kerchak, forgive me.
Kerchak: No. Forgive me, for not understanding that you have always been one of us. Our family will look to you now.
Tarzan: No. Kerchak.
Kerchak: Take care of them, my son. Take care of them.”

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“Tarzan: Terk, all you have to do is get Kerchak out of the way.
Terk: What?!
Tantor: Well, I’d be happy to get Kerch–
Terk: [Grabs Tantor’s trunk to shut him up] Hey! Shut your trunk, and get me outta here! [Tantor does so] Can you believe that guy? Drops us like a newborn giraffe – kerplop! – now waltzes in here and expects us to just–”

“Tarzan: Terk, I’m asking you as a friend.
Terk: [Grimacing at Tarzan’s pleading face] Argh… Aah… with the face and the eyes and the… AH! All right! But don’t make me do anything embarrassing.
[Cut to Terk bursting out of the bushes in Jane’s dress] I’m gonna kill him!
Tantor: [with his trunk disguised has Professor Porter] Actually, I thought that dress was rather slimming on you.
Terk: Oh, really? I thought it was a little revealing…
[they both hear Kerchak’s roar and run]”

“Clayton: Go ahead. Shoot me.
Clayton: Be a man.
[a shot is heard, but not from the gun; it’s Tarzan mimicking a gunshot]
Tarzan: Not a man like you!”

“Kala: Don’t even think about it.
Tarzan: How’d you know it was me?
Kala: I’m you mother. I know everything. Now, we have you been?
Tarzan: I thought you knew everything.
[Terk pounces on him]
Terk: Hey, Auntie K! You look remarkably groomed today!”

“Clayton: [Draws a crude gorilla on Jane’s chalkboard and points to it with the chalk] Gorilla.
Tarzan: [Takes the chalk and examines it] Gor-illa.
Professor Porter: [Excited] Oh! Oh! He’s got it!
Tarzan: Gor-illa!
[Proceeds to scribble wildly on the chalkboard]
Tarzan: Gorrrrr-illllla!
Professor Porter: Oh, perhaps not…”

“Tarzan: What was that?
Tantor: It wasn’t me, I swear.”

“Kerchak: Everyone, we will avoid the strangers. Do not let them see you and do not seek them out.
Tarzan: They mean us no harm.
Kerchak: Tarzan, I don’t know that.
Tarzan: But I do. I have spent time with them.
Kerchak: You may be willing to risk our safety, but I’m not.
Tarzan: Why are you threatened by anyone different from you?
Kerchak: Protect this family and stay away from them.
[Tarzan sulks away]
Kala: Tarzan, for once listen to Kerchak.
Tarzan: Why didn’t you tell me there were creatures who look like me?”

“Tarzan: No matter where I go, you will always be my mother.
Kala: And you will always be in my heart.”

“Kerchak: You came back.
Tarzan: I came home.”

“Kala: Don’t even think about it.
Tarzan: How’d you know it was me?
Kala: I’m your mother. I know everything. Now, where have you been?
Tarzan: I thought you knew everything.”

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“Tarzan: Tarzan. Tar-zan.
Jane Porter: Tarzan. Oh, I see!
Tarzan: Oh, I see!
Tarzan: [points at himself] Tarzan.
Tarzan: [points at Jane] Oh, I see.
Jane Porter: No, no, no. No.
Jane Porter: [clears throat, points at herself] I’m Jane.
Tarzan: No, no, no. No.
Tarzan: [clears throat, points at himself] I’m Jane.
Jane Porter: No, no.
Jane Porter: [points at herself] Jane.
Jane Porter: [points at Tarzan] Tarzan.
Jane Porter: [points at herself] Jane.
Tarzan: Jane.
Jane Porter: Exactly.”

“Terk: Can you believe that guy? Drops us like a newborn giraffe – kerplop! – then waltzes in and expects us to…
Tarzan: Terk, I’m asking you as a friend.
[Looks at Terk with big, soulful eyes]
Terk: Oh, with the face and the eyes… All right! All right! But you’d better not make me do anything stupid.
[Cut to Terk in Jane’s dress]
Terk: I’m going to kill him!”


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