Tangled To Get A Live Action Adaptation


Everyone, buckle up!! I have a question for you. Did you love Tangled? Well, if you did then Disney has more in store for you at least according to DisInsider. The portal is reporting that Disney is planning a live action remake of Rapunzel, the lead character and the story on which the hit animated franchise is based. Ok, so I have two questions, when is it releasing and do we get the same thing for Frozen. And you know what it could happen because right now it seems like Disney blindfolds itself, puts its hands on one of their timeless tales and makes a multi-million dollar project out of it.

It is true this is like their third or fourth, man I have lost count, live action project that they reportedly have in works. Some that come from the top of my head Aladdin sequel, Lilo and Stitch, Cruella and many more.But they are probably correct in doing it because these movies churn out a lot of profit for them and critically too does them favour. Over the years they have gotten a lot of flak for the way they have portrayed their females and this seems like an opportunity to rectify that.

Michael De Luca (Captain Phillips) and Kristin Burr (Christopher Robin) will be the executive producers. While Zoe Kent (Lilo and Stitch remake), Jessica Virtue (Mulan remake) and Lucy Kitada will be the studio heads. There is no director attached and the project is still in very primary stages to attach a release date.

The source also suggests that the project will be a theatrical release and not have any connection with Disney+.

Disney is now gearing up to release the Live action adaptation of Mulan. It has multiple projects from Star Wars franchise and MCU franchise in the pipeline.


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