23 Super Sweet And Hilarious Fan Made Comics Only For Comic Book Fans


Most superheroes and comic books have surely been ruling the box office ever since the very first Iron Man movie in 2008. The characters are very much relatable, deviant, quirky, and really know how to make a battle last for a long time.

Like Lucasfilm under Disney’s control, Marvel has easily reached great heights which were not tough as possible long ago. DC seems to be stuck in a rut. There so many great comics, animation series’, and movies and it is the consistency factor that they cannot wrap their heads around.

Some Japanese heroes have made it to the toto30 list as we have compiled the cute, deviant, and hilarious superhero comics. Dragon Ball is the very reason why anime has become so accepted by many people in America. Blending the East and West superheroes surely makes for great action anime.

There is no Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter feed which has been left out in our search for these inappropriate kids superhero comics. The list will surely make you blush:

23. Superhero Aroma

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22. Blushing Colossus

21. Master Player

20. No Pants For You

19. Missed Opportunities

18. No Filter

17. Superhero Crossover

16. Shuri Designs

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15. Up In Ya’ Space

14. Infatuations

13. Japanese Adaptation

12. Starlord Nightmares

11. Say It Ain’t So

10. Loki Life

9. Peter Parker Flirting

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8. Wrong Gas

7. Girl Problems

6. Chibi Batman

5. Team Warmups

4. On The Hunt

3. Girl Time

2. Perfect Ship

1. Morning Breath


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