The Reveal Of Superman’s Identity Resurrects This Villain To His Most Dangerous Form


The following contains spoilers for Superman #18, by Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Reis, Joe Prado, Alex Sinclair and Dave Sharpe, on sale now.

In one of DC’s moments, Superman had revealed his identity to the world. He had come out as Clark Kent, and this is something that rocks the universe to its core.

Even in a world that has seen Superman’s father, Jor-El revealing to be alive and also, Superman’s son, Jon Kent who joins the Legion of Super-Heroes, and Superman’s unmasking is still a huge moment.

Clark’s decision did not happen overnight. He held council with Supergirl, and his former nemesis, Zod, who is now overseeing another version of New Krypton. He also understands that the reveal would have a lot of ripple effects on their lives, and Kal-El had spoken to the greater cosmic realm about this.

The Man of Steel then comes out to the Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief Perry White, and was greeted by a hug. While Superman tells the public about the truth during a press conference, the fans see the ones he loves glowing. Damian and Batman approve, and The Flash, Martian Manhunter do the same, except for Wonder Woman, who is not a fan of this.

When Superman had confirmed that he is Clark Kent, an alien refugee, the viewers of the intergalactic broadcast are in shock.

Luthor is sad at this revelation. Lex is seen transforming into the suit and tie that had been his uniform as the ruthless businessman. Lex had killed his physical form to become the Apex Predator. Lex’s return recalls his famous moments, from the presidential aspirations. Luthor’s suit-and-tie is an iconic one, and it is Lex at his truest. While Apex Lex in his mech-suit had given the villain more power, this Lex is a mastermind and creates threats that no one has seen. He has played the public and has turned the masses against the Justice League. Lex might try and launch an attack on Clark’s loved ones as part of his revenge against Superman.

This is Lex at his worst form, and he is now planning his revenge against Superman.


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