20 Insanely Funny Fan Comics Re-imagining DC And Marvel Heroes Enjoying Their College Life


Well, Superheroes have super powers, and some of them may be aliens from other planets or God’s who have come to earth for a few obscure reasons, it is very hard to imagine the heroes doing something less than superhero things.  It is much harder to imagine these heroes in a ‘day-to-day’ regular life. They do not always wear their costumes, and surely they have rent to pay, and some shopping as well. These heroes would surely have normal lives when they are not protecting the planet.

Haven’t we all wondered what the life of a hero would be when they not fighting and on duty? The Internet is a place where all our questions are answered. Here, we can easily find some satisfying answers to our questions.

The most easy way to show off our favorite superheroes is to place them in very familiar college situations and see how they deal with the real world problems.

This is not really a fun ride, being a public figure and then carrying the burden of an entire planet’s safety on your back.

1. Socializing Has Consequences

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2. Things Don’t Always Go Your Way…

3. Well, This Is Embarassing

4. You Find Your People

5. The Front Row Kid

6. Managing Your Stress

7. The Mean Snooze Button

8. You Deserve A Treat!

9. New Hobbies

10. Never Skip Laundry Day

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11. New Fashion Styles

12. You’re Finally An Adult

13. Too Cool For School

14. Not Easy To Move On

15. The Start Of Something New

16. … And The Ones Who Love To Party.

17. That Broke Student Life

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18. No Parents Allowed

19. The Ones Who Love School…

20. Group “Study Sessions”


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