30 Superhero Characters Considered Impossible To Cosplay Until These Fans Did It


If we look at it from a practical perspective, superhero costumes are weird. The colors are unnatural, they cover the body the wrong way, and some parts appear to just stick to the body without being either attached or having any purpose. This has led to a number of jokes and criticism throughout the years. The Incredibles ridiculed the capes. Women comic book lovers have regularly suggested that the female superhero costumes are usually designed to excite the male imagination and are demeaning as well. Despite the funny and serious criticism, the superhero look has survived. Yes, things change, capes keep coming in and going out of fashion, female costumes are less revealing than before. However, overall, superhero costumes are not going anywhere.

This is where the cosplayers come in. These are fans who showcase their love for comic books, movies, anime or even video games by putting on the costume of their characters. However, what if a character wears an outfit that is physically impossible. The thing is the artists who create these characters only wanted to make them grand, and not really real-world practical. That’s when the cosplayers have to be innovative, and yes, they innovate brilliantly.

The cosplayers listed here used various skills to give life to the insane superhero costumes. There is fantastic armor work, intricate body paint, and anything else that is needed to make objects glow. Go ahead and have a look before visiting their webpages and showing your appreciation!

30. An Incredible Vision

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29. Don’t Let Black Widow Catch You

28. Colossus Is Pure Power

27. Starfire Shines

26. Froppy Poses

25. Rocket Raccoon Nuff Said

24. Storm Looking Better Than Ever

23. She Hulk Might Be More Powerful…

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22. Hawkman Full Spread

21. Thanos With All The Stones

20. Armored Batman … Is Still Gruff

19. Venom Is Too Creepy

18. Huntress The Forgotten DC Hero

17. Cyborg Full Arsenal

16. Beast Is Furry

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15. Dark Raven With All Her Eyes

14. The Thing Looks Fake (But It’s Not)

13. The Wild Wild Pussycats

12. Hulkbuster Vs Hulk

11. Hulk From Yesteryear

10. Eraser Head Gets Serious

9. Groot. Sorry, Your Name Again?

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8. Pharah Regins Justice From Above

7. Black Adam Stikes His Pose

6. Nightcrawler Doesn’t Take It Lightly

5. Iron Spider We Hardly Knew Ye

4. Deku Is A Superhero You Should Know

3. Green Lantern Tomar-Re

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2. D.Va And Mech Nerf Nothing

1. McThor



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