10 Superhero Actors Who Are Tough And Rough People


Most of the superhero actors always build up a very inspiring tough guy image in all the fans’ minds because of the character that they play and a few of the actors are actually pretty tough in real life also. They really do try and do almost all the stunts on their own, and a few things about them have proven that they are literally physically unbeatable and real life tough guys:

1. Henry Cavill

Cavill is a real life Superman and always has a toned physique. Other than from his work out, the actor is an outdoorsman and trains in Jiu-Jitsu.

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2. Chris Evans

The Captain America actor is no stranger of the Gym and Evans has done a lot of the stunts on his own. There was a Helicopter sequence in Civil War and this has messed up his arm for a few days. He is also a vocal proponent for political issues.

3. Christian Bale

Christian Bale does very difficult weight transitions and while filming American Hustle, David O. Russell had become very abusive with Amy Adams and Bale had physically put himself between them.

4. Wesley Snipes

This Blade actor is the toughest actors in Hollywood and he is trained martial artist and also does his stunts on his own.

5. Chris Pratt

The transformation that this actor went through for play the role of Star-Lord is really commendable a was motivated to cut weight and gain some muscles.

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6. Dave Bautista

As we all know, he is a former WWE wrestler and Batista is a real tough guy and can kick asses. When he was shooting a fight sequence in Spectre, he got a huge hit on the face from Craig and this had broken his nose, but he just washed it off and completed the shot.

7. Josh Brolin

Brolin has really gotten into in shape while shooting Sicario 2, Deadpool 2 and Avengers 3 & 4 back to back. He has the face of a tough and has portrayed Thanos and Cable in films that are weeks apart from each other.

8. Chris Hemsworth

We have all seen Chris bust it out during his rigorous Thor workout routine and he is also a very versatile actor in Hollywood. He had grown up in the Outback and his father had been a cattle rancher, and he even bought a gigantic knife to try to catch the fish when he was just a grade schooler.

9. Jason Momoa

He is the hardest working finds in Hollywood and has inspired the tough guy routine across the world. He enjoys beers and mountain climbing. He has gotten into a bar fight and was even hit in the eye with a pint glass and he needed 140 stitches to fix it.

10. Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman carries the weight of the entire DCEU on her shoulders as and she had been hired in the Fast franchise because o her military background.


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