The Kryptonian Wars: 27 Extremely Funny Supergirl vs Superman Memes


Right from the time it initially debuted on CBS in 2015, Supergirl has fascinated the audiences with its bright perspective of the superhero world. Playing the role of Kara Danvers, Melissa Benoist portrays a character that is not exactly in full control of her powers and is relatively raw to the world of crime-fighting and at the same time she endeavors to let it be known that she is a superhero in her own right and doesn’t have to exist in her legendary cousin’s shadow. If you have lived with a family member who is more successful and famous, then you would be able to understand her pain. Later the show moved to the highly successful Arrowverseon The CW, and it fully picked up the comic book origins by submerging into the Superman universe. Supergirl has seen several Superman enemies such as Metallo, Cyborg Superman, and Maxwell Lord. In fact, Kara also has her Luthors, and the evil Lillian Luthor (Lex’s mom) keeps creating problems for her and Lena tries to prove that she is unlike her family.

After a fair bit of teasing, we finally saw Supergirl’s much-illustrated cousin appear in the show’s Season Two when actor Tyler Hoechlin became the latest actor to play the character of Man of Steel. Now that the show has become a pop culture icon on its own and  DC is expanding its big screen universe, we are not surprised to see comparisons being drawn between the two Kryptonians. As is the trend, wherever is a comparison; there are memes. Have a look at these Supergirl vs. Superman memes depicting which one is better!

1. Noooo!

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2. Haha!

3. Then Who? Superman??

4. Bad Excuse Sup!

5. Ohh Yess!


6. Lol!!

7. Not Scared!

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8. The Flashback!

9. That’s Right!

10. Haha!

11. Sad!

12. Aww!

13. Bad Superman!

14. Super True!

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15. The Strength!

16. Hehe!

17. Who’s Better!

18. Hmmm!

19. The Differences!

20. Aww!

21. Zack Vs Supergirl!

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22. You look good, Supes!

23. Don’t even think that!

24. Always!

25. That’s why you came here, Kal?

26. Pass…

27. hehe


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