27 Supergirl Cosplayers Can Beat Melissa Benoist In Looks And Style Department.


He might be more famous, but, he is not the only Kryptonian here. In this article, we are going to focus entirely on the cousin of Kal-El, none other than the Supergirl. Back in the 1940s and 50s, DC toyed around with the concept of creating a female adaptation of Superman. There was a Lois Lane story where she had a dream about being Superwoman, and Superboy also had a run when an alien had turned him into a female, but, these were only stories aimed to gauge the public reception to such a character. It was only in 1958 when Kara Zor-El debuted in DC comics and became the first character to be formally named as the Supergirl.

Supergirl went on to become a much more important part of the DC Universe. While we saw her getting wiped out during the 80s, the character had a revival that started in 2004 in comic books, TV, video games and various other media. There is a highly successful show based on the character starring the gorgeous Melissa Benoist. It is but, obvious that the popularity of the character is directly proportional to her cosplays.

We have put together an amazing compilation of various cosplayers who dressed up like the Kryptonian superwoman for your entertainment. Some of them put on the iconic skirt and shirt costume, or her animated version’s looks, and the others have done a pin-up hottie version or even their own imagination of the character. No matter what, these cosplayers have gone to great length to depict the positivity which gives us light and hope in the often darker world of superheroes.

Let’s check out this incredible collection which proves that it is not necessary to be a man to be a “super.” These are definitely the most amazing Supergirl cosplays ever.

1. Shut-up-and-duel-me is Supergirl

2. Milla Bishop is Supergirl — Photo by Insane-pencil

3. Shut-up-and-duel-me is Supergirl

4. Clefchan is Supergirl

5. Rose0fmay is Supergirl

6. Chiquitita-cosplay is Supergirl — Photo by Dnm5555

7. Rufflebuttcosplay is Supergirl

8. Milla Bishop is Supergirl

9. Dangerousladies is Supergirl

10. Enjinight is Supergirl — Photo by Sarmai Balazs

11. Black—butterfly is Supergirl

12. Amanda Shafer is Supergirl | Photo by Gamefan23

13. Badluckkitty is Supergirl — Photo by Krisez

14. Mostflogged is Supergirl — Photo by ThiscoolIRL

15. Alisakiss is Supergirl

16. Photo by David Love

17. Courtoon is Supergirl

18. Megan Coffey is Supergirl — Photo By David Love

19. Supergirl is Flying-fox and Rufflebuttcosplay

20. Callie Cosplay is Supergirl — Photo by David Love

21. Supergirls by Angltigr

22. Chiquitita-cosplay is Supergirl — Photo by Dnm5555

23. Dangerousladies is Supergirl

24. Heather1337 and Jenifer Ann are Supergirl — Photo by David Love

25. Milla Bishop is Supergirl — Via Geeks Are Sexy

26. Enjinight is Supergirl

27. Jessica Nigri is Supergirl — Photo by Adam Patrick Murray


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