20 Terrible And 10 Epic Star Wars Toys


When George Lucas had gotten the go signal to start making his dream movie, Star Wars: A New Hope, he never expected that the franchise would become so famous. The movie had grossed more than $775 million across the world and was also the 3rd highest grossing movie. The sequels and three prequels were followed by animated TV series, books, comics and video games.

20th Century Fox did not believe that this movie would perform well and it let Lucas even negotiate a contract where the majority of merchandise sales went to him. The toy company, Kenner Products then got the license for Star Wars and started making toys for the franchise.

Kenner was then bought by Hasbro and they went crazy with the Star Wars toys and released many Star Wars-themed products and Lucas had allowed a few other companies to also use this license. Disney has now taken over Star Wars and is releasing new movies. Hasbro is now churning out the at a pretty alarming rate. But in the midst of all the awesome toys, there are also a few weird toys that have been manufactured. Today, we look at 10 great Star Wars toys and 20 of the worst ones:

30. Worst: Jabba’s Mama?

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29. Best: The Ultimate Fighter

28. Worst: Some Things Should Never Turn Plush

27. Worst: We Don’t Need A Medic

26. Best: A True Lego Icon

25. Worst: The Original Anakin

24. Worst: A Family Affair

23. Best: The Biggest Bounty Hunter

22. Worst: Vader In Disguise

21. Worst: Personal Disappointment Transporter

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20. Worst: Chews Something Else

19. Best: Become A Jedi

18. Worst: No Quacking Matter

17. Worst: Jet Setting Solo

16. Worst: Color Clarity

15. Best: One Sweet Ride

14. Worst: Farming For Moisture

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13. Best: Sound Like An Icon

12. Worst: The Ice Cream Man

11. Best: Your Own Artoo

10. Worst: Leia This At The Bottom Of The Toy Box

9. Worst: The Imperial Chopper

8. Worst: Gonk!

7. Worst: Mustache IS Included

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6. Best: One Slick Ship

5. Worst: Aiming Lessons Not Included

4. Worst: Better Left Un-Built

3. Best: The Ultimate Star Wars Vehicle

2. Worst: A Sleazy Toy

1. Best: An Action-Packed Set


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