Rians Johnson Trolls Star Wars Fans As They Collect $15 Million To Remake The Last Jedi


It is well known that the director RianJohnson ’s depiction of the galaxy far, far away has divided the fans in a big way and has severely damaged the fanbase. Consequently, some fans-turned-producers are ready to fund the remake of the movie to protect the brand Star Wars. The group has even set up a website, and social media handles titled “Remake The Last Jedi,” and it has been generating a lot of attention. This is what the fan group had tweeted.

“Our team of producers is offering to cover the budget for a remake of The Last Jedi in order to save Star Wars. Share this and spread the word to let @RobertIger& @Disney know you want this! This isn’t a joke; we’re ready to have the convo now! #RemakeTheLastJedi #StarWars”

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It is not yet known as to who these producers actually are and how will they get the money, but, a large number of people have supported the idea. The website has mentioned that the producers have “pledged to cover the budget.” To be clear on it, The Last Jedi cost about $200 million to make. It can’t be said where the money will come from, but, the site lets the fans commit money for the remake so that they can get their “voice heard.” By the time, we wrote this article; the pledges had amounted to an impressive $14.8 million. The site also gives further details related to the goals of the project.

“This is a campaign to provide Disney an opportunity to course correct with the Star Wars franchise. The fans are completely divided, and the core goal of Star Wars has been abandoned. The goal is to not make one half of the fandom happy over the other; it is to make a film that the fandom in general as a whole enjoys. The hero archetype’s of the original films is what made these so great, it made characters that everyone could relate to regardless of their background and beliefs. No longer having this core element along with poor storytelling, has made the franchise divisive and in disarray.”

There is a video available on the website, narrating their plans. It has a legal disclaimer stating, “This is not an attempt to infringe on any copyrights and trademarks of Disney and Lucasfilm. This video is a parody that is aimed to raise awareness for the campaign and offer the money to Disney and Lucasfilm for the sole purpose of remaking The Last Jedi.” They also addressed the late Carrie Fisher, who sadly died before the movie was released in theaters, mentioning, “Carrie can be kept in with her existing work.”

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Although a complete remake of this $200 million mega movie seems crazy for a number of reasons and we don’t think that this remake is ever possible because Disney’s legal team won’t let this happen, but, this highlights the kind of mess that Star Wars is facing right now. That’s the reason why we heard about Lucasfilm putting on hold the spin-off projects like Obi-Wan and Boba Fett films and are no longer willing to hire rookies as directors.

The campaign has been going on strongly on Twitter and was noticed by The Last Jedi maker Rian Johnson. The director commented, “please pleasepleasepleasepleeeeeeeaaaase please actually happen please pleasepleasepleaseplease.” James Gunn, who made the Guardians of the Galaxy also remarked, “I will gladly spend that 300 million on a movie that’s not remaking a movie from a year ago. Call me!” although it might appear to be stupid, but, it is a clear indicator of how Star Wars is not a flourishing franchise right now. In case you wish to check the latest about this so-called remake of The Last Jedi, you should visit RemakeTheLastJedi.com.



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