Star Wars Should Give Us More Of Ahsoka Tano


Star wars is a unique property to say the least. It was built on the creative vision of George Lucas and began on media res- the middle. The plan was to have nine movies. A set of three each for prequel, sequel and present. But after Revenge of the sith Lucas abandoned the idea and began to take the Star Trek route off focussing on the small screen. He had already released some of it in 2003 with Clone Wars containing 25 animated episodes focussing on the life of Obi Wan Kenobi, then he rebranded it in 2008 and created The Clone Wars.

The series was 3D unlike the previous series which was 2D. The approach of the series changed by shifting the focus to different characters. One of those characters was Ahsoka Tano, the Padawan apprentice of Anakin Skywalker. At first this younger audience Skewing character was not really popular as her attitude did not go well with the audience who just saw her like an annoying little sister of Anakin. But as the series progressed and she had to face trials and tribulations she had to grow up quickly in front of us and really come on her own. This progress and coming on her own really made her a fan favourite.

Now after so many years Seven to be exact we will find out what happened with her in Clone Wars as the series is set to return on Disney+. But no matter what she will make it out alive as she was a huge part of Star Wars Rebels, a series that took place 14 years after Clone Wars. At the end of it Ahsoka and Sabine head out to find Ezra opening many more possibilities for her.

The love that fans have for her there seems to be little doubt whether we will see her again but how will it be. In my opinion the best way would be to give her a live action series exploring her time in those fourteen years between The Clone Wars and Rebels


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