Incredibly Funny Star Wars Memes Which Proves Disney Made Star Wars Films Are Non-Sense


It seems unbelievable to realize that Star Wars has been going on for over forty years now after debuting back in 1977. The original Star Wars film Episode IV-A New Hope is regarded as an iconic movie, and even the new generation fans also watch it. In fact, the original series is more loved than the prequel trilogy. Those movies are considered to be the masterpieces of George Lucas who apparently later retconned various plot points.

After buying Lucasfilm and the Star Wars rights, Disney has launched a sequel trilogy that began with Episode VII – The Force Awakens. The film received tremendous praise from critics, but, fans didn’t love it that much. If we talk about the standalone anthology movies, Rogue One met the same fate. The reason why fans didn’t respond warmly was the perception that these films were not needed. To prove that, fans started highlighting the errors in the new movies made by Disney.

It is not to say that the fans won’t go to watch Star Wars films whenever the chance comes, but, you can’t expect the films to be unanimously loved by fans from all over. Generally, the movies have received mixed reactions. Star Wars: The Last Jedi offended many people.

Yet, courtesy such responses, we found these 23 rib-tickling memes which prove that the new Star Warsmovies are totally non-sensical.

23. All For Nothing

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22. Where’s The Love?

21. Lightsaber Overkill

20. There’s More

19. No Thanks For The Sacrifice

18. That’s Convenient

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17. All That Whining

16. Cuteness Trumps Everything

15. Kylo’s Angst

14. The Force Awakens When Convenient

13. Drama Queen

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12. The Force Is Easy On This One

11. So Much For Hope

10. Nothing Else Left To Do

9. Hyperspace FTW!

8. Vaguely Familiar

7. Not Alone Anymore

6. United For A Common Cause

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5. Georgie Boy

4. Just So You Know

3. Rock That Bod, Kylo

2. Love Thy Grandfather

1. Not So Out Of Character, After All

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