The Funniest Star Wars: Han Solo Family Memes


It has been over four decades since the Star Wars franchise debuted, so the hilarious memes are more than justified. If something has become so prevalent in pop culture, then it is perfectly okay to laugh at aspects that you love and if you can’t take a bit of humor then you never really had any genuine love for Star Wars. This is exactly the problem afflicting the Star Wars community. All involved are extremely serious.Come on; life is supposed to be enjoyed. Why did George Lucas create Star Wars then? He did it because he knew he would earn obscene amounts of money from it, but, that’s not what we are talking about here.

The important thing is to get the whole Star Wars community back like a family. A family like the one that Han Solo had. Absolutely dead at the center, but, a working family anyway. The best way to accomplish this mission is to get some memes. Yeah, that’s it. The only option for us to ensure the survival of Star Wars franchise is to make fun of it. In fact, even Rian Johnson understood it well. That’s why he is now tasked with creating a brand new trilogy.

“Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!” Leia was spot on the right from the outset. She knew what she was jumping into. Reason being, Leia is someone that every young girl who grew up in the 70s and 80 would consider as a role-model. The same applies to Han Solo. There was probably no living boy during those two decades who would have never uttered, “never tell me the odds.”

Han and Leia are the embodiment of Star Wars. That’s why taking a dig at their family is a must. Just suit up guys and hop on for a joyride. We just hope that the anger which permeates through you will be overshadowed by the stomach hurting laughter.

25. Manchild Forever

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24. Remember That Time

23. Two Sides Of A Coin

22. Solo Family Time

21. The Teen Years

20. Like Father Like Son

19. Teenage Pride

18. How It All Began

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17. Why Are They So Angry?

16. Scoundrel Life

15. New Family Ties

14. Playing Dark Side

13. Family Portraits

12. Spot Me A Dime

11. In The Genealogy

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10. Disillusioned Family

9. Kylo’s Twisted Dreams

8. No Hope

7. Solo Father Traits

6. It’s All Vader’s Fault

5. Force Frustrations

4. The Struggle Is Real

3. Solo Family Lives On

2. Growing Pains

1. What Everyone Already Knew

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