An Open World Star Wars Game Is Being Made by Electronic Arts


Reports have emerged about Electronic Arts working on a new, open world Star Wars video game. Although these are early days for the project, featuring an open world experience might be a great aspect of the Star Wars game.

EA has exclusive rights to make all the PC and console game titles based on Star Wars, and it has so far been a blow hot blow cold journey. In recent times, EA faced a great deal of heat due to microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II, wherein various gameplay features were incorporated in a “pay-as-you-go” style and that upset fans and players.

Those features included powerful hero packages and weapons which would give an advantage to those players who paid for the loot boxes compared to non-paying players. Although EA did away with the controversial loot boxes after a fierce backlash from fans, they also announced that these microtransactions would be reintroduced later, after sales figures dipped. Therefore, it has been a troublesome few months for the game maker. We wonder if the new Star Wars game can replenish the disgruntled fan base?

The news was revealed courtesy a job posting spotted by GameSpot, wherein the job description of the team lead was to “deliver Online features for a Star Wars Open World project.” The posting didn’t reveal much, apart from the experience requirement for “implementing Online features such as Matchmaking, Asynchronous interactions, Live services, Server-host migration, etc.”

It is not the first instance of discussion taking place about an open world Star Wars game because GameSpot linked to a similar job posting from 2013. Let’s hope that this time the game will get going. Visceral Studios, a game studio belonging to EA was closed down last October after lack of progress on the story based Star Wars game. However, that game is now being developed by EA Vancouver. Thus, there is not much information here; it still feels good to know that this is a game different from what Visceral was developing.

To imagine an open world Star Wars game is a very enticing thought, but, we must not trust this news completely. Visceral Studio’s shutting down is another blow to a long list of Star Wars games which perished in the developmental hell itself. In fact, Star Wars games are notorious for great sounding concepts which don’t get made. That’s what happened to Star Wars 1313, and it is something that might happen again.

Although the studios are not the same, and we assume that Visceral’s under development game is still being worked upon, EA would need to do a lot before they win back the trust of their players. Battlefront II’s sales were killed by those microtransactions, and now that EA is aiming to reintroduce them shows that their developers have no clue about what gamers expect in a Star Wars game. Then there is the thing that Battlefront II wasn’t any way a great game. We need to wait and watch whether the upcoming game would repair the damage done by the past EA mistakes, assuming that it will release.


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