25 Incredibly Funny Star Wars Fan Comics


With all fantastic films, TV shows, or imaginary stories, there is also a loyal and devoted fandom. These fans show the extent of their love for their beloved imaginary universe, not just by eagerly feeding on the entire canon material available, but, by coming up with their own material as well. Fan art, fan fiction, fan comics, all of them are unavoidable elements of a mighty franchise!

Star Wars universe is the most iconic of them all and is not beyond this rule. Right from the time the first Star Wars film came out in the 1970s, loyal fans have created amazing art pieces to pay tribute to their beloved characters. Now that internet is all around, and the Episodes VII and VIII are already out besides several new and fantastic creations are also coming up. A brand new generation of viewers has come up and are ready to join the fandom. All that makes it a lot easier to share the Star Wars themed work courtesy the proliferation of social media!

Undoubtedly, the Star Wars fans and everyone else for that matter, get an unlimited wealth of fantastic content to surf online. The most popular such content form is the entertaining comic strips which have come up all over the world wide web. There are some which create a completely unique version of the films’ events, and there are others which make fun of the movies that we all are in love with. No matter what, these Star Wars fan comics are so hilarious that they would bring tears to your eyes due to laughter. No matter whether you love the original trilogy, the prequels or The Last Jedi, there is something for you. However, for the prequel lovers, it might not be that entertaining.

25. Han And Leia’s Parenting Problems

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24. Han Solo The Disney Princess?

23. The Many Sides Of Kylo Ren

22. The Difference Between Luke And Rey

21. Emo Kylo Ren

20. Not The Imperial March Again…

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19. Unlucky In Love

18. Darth Vader Vs. Kylo Ren

17. Stormtroopers Need Downtime Too!

16. Hux And Kylo’s Rivalry

15. The First Rule Of Star Wars

14. Happy Father’s Day

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13. Nobody Likes Jar-Jar Binks

12. The Death Star… Again

11. Shut The Force Up

10. Another Death Star

9. Beware The Fangirls

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8. The Skywalker Family

7. Does The Dark Side Really Have Cookies?

6. I Am Your Father

5. Dark Side Day Care

4. Leia The Rebel

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3. Parenting Is Hard

2. Have Your Cake And Eat It

1. That’s No Tiki Mug…

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