25 Incredibly Funny Star Wars Comics That Take The High Ground


Star Wars fans are extremely passionate, and are never hesitant in expressing their opinions related to the franchise. Have you ever been a part of a Star Wars discussion with various loyal fans? When Disney acquired the Lucasfilm in 2012, all hell broke loose and there was massive uproar. However, if it was a flood back then, it was a Tsunami after Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters.

Although there is rising negativity on Twitter and in web forums, but, creating jokes on Star Wars isn’t exactly bad. It highlights the most visible flaws of the franchise, which might even lead to improvements, just in case the decision makers at Lucasfilm stumble upon them. That we hope they do. That’s why we decided to dive into the world of fan comics which have been created in the years following A New Hope’s big screen landing in 1977.

It is not possible for any movie or a TV series to be flawless. Fans will always imagine what happened and what they wanted to happen, differently. However, there is usually some common ground agreed upon. With Star Wars, things are not that simple. It is also greatly due to the way the franchise has existed over the last four decades. Initially, it was entirely a George Lucas game. Despite his having God-like control on the franchise, there was a time when fans ridiculed him due to movies such as Attack of the Clones. After Disney revived the franchise and brushed aside the obscurity, the fans’ rage became targeted at Kathleen Kennedy and the various directors who made recent films.

However, rage is unwarranted when we have humor as the other option. So, get rid of the nastiness and anger, and have a hearty laugh as we present to you the most hilarious Star Wars comics!

25. Mouse Power

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24. Get A Room

23. Princess Lessons

22. Genetic Whining

21. Anything But Sand!

20. Disney Invasion

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19. Bad Chewie

18. Deleted Scenes From TLJ

17. The Real Han Solo

16. Force Ghosts

15. Clouded Mind

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14. Padawan Love

13. Episode IX

12. Choke Hold

11. Kylo’s First Scar

10. Force Feelings

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9. Vegetarian Bounty Hunter

8. Yoda Lineage 

7. Fatherhood Life

6. Rebels Blues

5. Jedi Gift-Giving

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4. Grumpy Old Ben

3. Attack Of Windu

2. Boba Fett Fangirls

1. Force Dattebayo!


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