Will The Little Broom Boy Be A Teenager When We see Him In Star Wars 9?


We all remember the Broom Boy at the end of Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, but no one has really given him much of thought. Now, a new fan theory is suggesting that we may see this boy as a teenager who will help the Rebellion.

John Boyega had revealed that he needs to grow his afro out for Star Wars 9 and this sent the internet ablaze with a lot of speculation. This means that some time has passed between the events of The Last Jedi and Star Wars 9. But we do not know how much time. The Resistance will need some time to build after the beating they took in The Last Jedi. KyloRen would also have to take some time to prove that he really can take over for Supreme Leader Snoke.

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One cannot just rebuild the Resistance in months and so it seems likely that it will be a couple of years and it may result in a teenage Broom boy. It is not clear if J.J. Abrams will be bringing back the character that was almost cut from The Last Jedi.

A lot of Star Wars fans are believing that J.J. Abrams will use a pretty decent time gap for fixing what Rian Johnson had done in The Last Jedi. The fans are very upset with Johnson and may still be upset even after Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters.

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Abrams must take into account the age of the cast as well.

Also, Star Wars 9 will address the death of Carrie Fisher as well and so, it looks like a time jump may go a long way in explaining her absence.

The Broom Boy can be a Broom Teen by Star Wars 9 if this time jump is significant. So, one should not be surprised if he comes in to save the day at some point.


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