Star Wars: 24 Outstanding Memes From The Disgusting Prequels


For a number of years, the Star Wars prequels were commonly regarded as absolutely terrible films. Lifeless performances, disgusting script, CGI that was way too grand for the day, were elements perfectly combined to unleash a terrible spell of moviemaking. The Star Wars fans were dismayed that the mighty Darth Vader was turned into a crybaby called Anakin. They wanted to see magnificent lightsaber duels featuring mighty Jedi, but, were made to endure boring galactic politics trash. Frankly speaking, the prequels were a total insult to the Star  Wars, and it appeared as if nobody would ever want to have a look at them. Then this happened.

The kids who grew up watching the prequel trilogies as those were the movies that meant Star Wars to them, they loved them. They had reasons to do so. They saw colorful spaceships, Jedi who performed acrobatics while dueling, and above all the podracing. Being kids, they didn’t bother about the quality of the movies, and the only thing that mattered to them was the fun. And fun the prequels were, even after several years.

Those kids who were raised alongside the prequels are now adults. What would be the best option for a modern adult to do with something nostalgic? Nothing better than make memes about it. Out of nowhere, the weird acting and script decisions which made us loathe the films made fantastic memes. So, without any further wait, let’s check out these 25, side-splitting memes created by fans!

24. Not. Yet.

23. To Do Or Not To Do…

22. It Would Explain A Lot

21. Shots Fired At EA

20. Official Coffee Of Jedi Masters

19. He Didn’t See That Coming…

18. Winners Don’t Do Death Sticks

17. The Tragedy Of Power Bank The Charged

16. Alola There!

15. TFW Bae Calls But General Kenobi

14. Nothing To Lose Your Head Over

13. Who’s That Prequel Meme?

12. Ooba Ooba

11. He’s Gonna Be In For A Shock

10. Not The Gumdrop Button!

9. I See Through The Fries Of The Jedi

8. Only Jedi Masters Will Get It

7. Shiskurny Dopot, Sleemo!

6. What About The Droid Attack On The Neighborhood?

5. Talk About Investment

4. The Ultimate Test

3. Is That Legal?

2. Is It Possible To Learn This Instrument?

1. The Disney Reboot We Really Need


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