Will We See Star Trek Land By Universal Any Time Soon?


Universal Studios might actually be planning for a Star Trek-themed land for the new park in Orlando. It now looks like the rivalry between Star Wars and Star Trek is all set to be carried over into the universe of theme parks.

Disney Parks is now gearing up to start their Star Wars-themed land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The theme land was in development for many years and we now have new that it is scheduled to open in by 2019.  We also have reports that the Star Trek Land is competing with Galaxy’s Edge and plans for this themed park have been floating about for many years. We have no official details regarding what the plans are but the rumors are suggesting this land is set t be located in their new park itself.

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This will not be the first time that Universal had featured Star Trek. There had been a live-action show, Star Trek Adventures, that was launched in the ’80s and was a very interactive experience. This show made use of hand-picked audiences and asked them to help the plot of the story.

THereis a whole lot of opportunities for the Star Trek Land at the Universal Studios’ park, whether it be at the Orlando Resort or at the Universal Studios, Hollywood. It now looks like Universal has seen a whole lot of success from the Harry Potter franchise and they want to take this success to a whole new level.


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