[SPOILERS] Star Lord Is The Worst Character In Infinity War, Fans Are Hating Him


Star-Lord had seriously failed big time in Avengers: Infinity War, and he proved himself to be Marvel’s worst hero. All the member of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy had assembled to fight Thanos. In their efforts to defend the world against the Mad Titan and his Black Order, a few heroes put aside their differences.

The tone of the movie was very grim, and a little comic relief was welcome. The Guardians were pulled into a conflict by answering the Asgardians’ distress call, and they found Thor as the survivor of Thanos’ attack. Thor’s meets the Guardians and takes a shine to Groot and Rocket, who he calls “tree” and “rabbit.”

Drax was also impressed with Thor and called him a “pirate angel.” But Peter Quill’s manhood was threatened by the alpha male and his ego was wounded by the Guardians accusing him of gaining weight.

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Star-Lord’s behavior worsened as this movie continued and showed us has not matured since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Gamora had made him swear that he will kill her than let Thanos use her to find the Soul Stone.

Quill was placed in a bad situation, and it is understandable he did not want to shoot the woman he loved. He did do as Gamora wanted and he pulled the trigger, but the ordeal ended up and amused Thanos.

After the Guardians met up with Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-Man on Titan, Quill had reverted to hiding behind the machismo. His says that Tony Stark’s plan “sucks” and claims that can dream up a better plan and this showcased his insecurities. Quill had allowed the stupid human side do all of the thinking as he blew it for the heroes against Thanos.

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The plan to subdue Thanos was working and the Avengers and Guardians had Thanos helpless, and Spider-Man almost had the Infinity Gauntlet removed, but after hearing that Thanos sacrificed Gamora, Star-Lord loses his cool and ruins the plan. Thanos gets free, and Doctor Strange had surrendered the Time Stone.


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