13 Funny Gifs And Pics Give Us True Insights On Star Lord a.ka Chris Pratt’s Personality

13 Funny Gifs And Pics Give Us True Insights On Star Lord a.ka Chris Pratt's Personality

We have heard a rumor about Disney wanting to cast the hot Chris Pratt in their next Indiana Jones movie. We are absolutely sure that Disney is making a perfect choice with this because he would not only be a fantastic but, extremely sexy archaeologist.

For those of us who think we spotted something much before the public, the fact is that we have been fans of Chris Pratt long before he debuted in Guardians of the Galaxy in the summer of 2014 or shall we say “Summer of Pratt” as it later became famous as.

Back in the high school days, Bright Abbott entered the world of entertainment. (In case you are clueless about what this is about, you need to first go and watch Everwood first).

It is not of much consequence as to when it started, but, Chris Pratt is the modern Ryan Gosling. Yeah, you heard it right, it is time to switch good-looking and perfect to be replaced with hilarious and lovable.

Our admiration of Chris Pratt evolved over a number of years, but, after we saw the Guardians of the Galaxy,  everything changed completely. Now we just want to watch the Jurassic World, and that is only because of Chris Pratt (okay, we agree, to an extent due to Jake Johnson as well).

The thing is, any project that Chris Pratt becomes a part of now, immediately became better and hotter. Anna Faris will have to make way because she will have to now compete with all the women in America. Let’s have a look at the 18 reasons why Chris Pratt has completely won our hearts!


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