80+ Stanley Ipkiss Quotes From The Mask Movie

Stanley Ipkiss saying

These Stanley Ipkiss quotes are from the Mask Movie. There are so many Stanley Ipkiss quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Stanley Ipkiss quotes exists just do that.

Stanley Ipkiss (otherwise known as The Mask) is the principle hero of The Mask film and vivified arrangement. Ipkiss’ activity in the comic was never uncovered, yet in the film, he’s a bank employee. In the film, Stanley is played by the Canadian entertainer Jim Carrey. In the animation arrangement, he’s voiced by Rob Paulsen. In the comic arrangement he is a minor character and of a vastly different temperment.

Stanley Ipkiss is a bashful and an unfortunate bank agent working at the nearby Edge City bank. He is as often as possible scorned by everybody around him, with the exception of his Jack Russell Terrier Milo, and his collaborator and closest companion Charlie Schumaker. In the meantime, criminal Dorian Tyrell, proprietor of the Coco Bongo club, plots to oust his manager Niko. At some point, Tyrell sends his vocalist sweetheart Tina Carlyle into Stanley’s bank to record its format, in readiness to loot the bank.

Stanley is pulled in to Tina Carlyle, and she appears to respond. Subsequent to being denied access to the Coco Bongo, he finds a wooden cover close to the city’s harbor. Setting it all over changes him into a zoot-fit, green-confronted, strange swindler known as the Mask, who can childishly modify himself and his surroundings voluntarily. Stanley frightens away a road group that endeavors to burglarize him by transforming an inflatable into a Tommy weapon, and afterward he gets retribution on his tormentors.

Stanley is a modest, meekish and great hearted individual who is generally unfortunate and abused by individuals around him. He is the workhorse and casualty of other individuals’ egotistical requests and brutality from his associates, neighbors thus called companions like perhaps the closest companion, Charlie Schumaker and his irritable proprietor, Mrs. Peenman. In spite of the fact that with the assistance of the veil, he generally recovers his own.

Stanley always has the expectations of one day finding the ideal sweetheart, however simply like his Mask-persona, he’s unfortunate of getting one as an insane occasion, more often than not including the Mask and his foes, ruins a date among him and his better half. Ipkiss’ Mask persona is a zoot-fit, green-confronted, smiling, strange, wacky cheat with a vivacious, hyperactive, kooky, and wild character who has powers with silly, Tex Avery-style developments and silliness. His acclaimed catchphrases are “SssssMOKIN’!!” and “Someone Stop Me”!

He has a limited ability to focus as he disregards the most significant errands like overcoming the trouble makers and goes off on doing fun exercises. In the TV Series’ pilot scene, The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side Part 1, Mask effectively catches the looters taking from Edge City Savings, yet neglects to tie them up for the cops as he is worry on discovering Matilda, the security monitor Stanley/Mask really likes, who run when frightened by Mask when he arrived at stop the burglars, leaving the looters to keep running off with the cash.

Veil has an inner self now and again as he cherishes being the focal point of consideration. He is in some cases seen as a darling VIP in Edge City by people in general, an incredible artist and honorable men who draws in the women during gatherings at the Coco Bongo or gambling clubs. He’s a hotshot when needing to be the top best artist or champ of any challenges.

In the scene, Goin’ for the Green, Mayor Tilton passed an Anti-Mask battle after Mask mortifies him toward the start of the scene and Mask attempts to catch the individuals’ eye, however fizzled. At the later piece of the scene, he keeps on standing out enough to be noticed, to caution them about the goliath swamp beast, made by Colonel Klaxon, assaulting the city.

We have dug up these Stanley Ipkiss quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Stanley Ipkiss Sayings in a single place. These famous Stanley Ipkiss quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Stanley Ipkiss quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Stanley Ipkiss quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“Hold on, sugar! Daddy’s got a sweet tooth tonight!”

Stanley Ipkiss best quotes

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“Our love is like a red, red rose… and I am a little thorny.”

Stanley Ipkiss famous quotes “Hold onto your lugnuts — it’s tiiiiime for an overhaul!!!”

Stanley Ipkiss quotes

“It’s party time! P-A-R-T-whY? Because I gotta!”

Stanley Ipkiss popular quotes

“It’s a power tie. It’s supposed to make you feel powerful.”

Stanley Ipkiss saying

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“Look, Ma, I’m roadkill! Ha ha ha!”

“After being flattened onto the road”

“[acting as a balloon salesman to a group of thugs] Step right up here! Don’t be shy! Nobody likes a bashful leather head! [Pause] MOVE IT! [the thugs
approach him] For my first trick…I’ll do something for you, son. [makes a giraffe-shaped balloon] We have a giraffe. [Offers it to a thug] There you go,
son. Now get out of here. You bother me. Now…[pulls out what appears to be a used condom] Sorry, wrong pocket. For you, son. Little body English. [makes a
poodle-shaped balloon] A French poodle. [Rips it apart before the thug can take it] Sorry, son. The dog was rabid. Had to put her down. And, last but not
least, my favorite. [makes a gun-shaped balloon, which transforms into a rather rubbery submachine gun. He aims it at the thugs] A Tommy gun!! [as the thugs
run away. the Mask shoots at them while laughing manically]”

“This is incredible. With these powers, I could be…A SUPERHERO! I could fight crime, protect the innocent, work for World Peace! But first…”

“Sssomebody stop me!”

“Uh-oh…can’t make the scene if you don’t have the green; I better make a little stop.”

“[After robbing the bank, to Dorian’s henchmen] Sorry, fellas. Waste not, want not.”

“Let’s rock this joint!”

“Hold me closer, Ed, it’s getting dark… [coughs] Tell Auntie Em to let Old Yeller out… [coughs]…tell Tiny Tim I won’t be coming home this Christmas…
[coughs]…tell Scarlett I do give a damn! (coughs on thug, a fart is heard) Pardon me… [he dies, an audience appears and gives the Mask a standing ovation
while The Mask is handed Oscar acting award] Thank you! You love me! You really love me!”

“Did you miss me? I GUESS NOT!”

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“Now you have to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” WELL, DO YA… PUNKS?!”

“In a Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry voice”


“In an Italian accent, using a line from an Alka-Seltzer advertisement, after swallowing a bomb, then belching out the explosion”

“This guy’s incorrigible.”

“You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I’m around, you’ll always be second-best, see?”

“After defeating Dorian, with an Eddie G. Robinson voice”

“Thank ya very much!”

“Dodging bullets with an Elvis Presley voice”

“[seeing Milo jump at the closet door where the stolen money is] Milo, no! I mean, uh, what is this world coming to when a man’s… *pajama drawer* is no longer safe?”

“BACK OFF, Monkey Boy, before I tell your daddy you’re running this place like it’s your own personal piggy bank. Or maybe we should call the IRS, and see if we can arrange a little vacation for you at Club FED!”

“[to get his dog to steal the keys from the sleeping guard] No Milo, not the *cheese*… The *keys*!”

“[on a bridge with Tina, holding the mask in his hand] You sure you’re not gonna miss this guy? Once he’s gone, all that’s left is me.”

“You don’t know that, Charlie. She’s an artist. She’s… she’s sensitive.”

“Boy, you really narrowed it down.”

“Actually, no.”

“You know, Mrs. Peenman…”

“[dejectedly] Nothing.”

“[after Mrs. Peenman slams her door] Aren’t you due back at the lab to have your bolts tightened?”

“I disagree. I think I’m wearing her down.”

“[knowing it doesn’t work, tries changing the subject] Now, uh, how about that account? We have…”

“checking, savings and checking, CDs, savings and CDs, checking and CDs, savings, checking, and CDs, T-bills, or we can just take all your money and throw it in a big mattress back there.”

“Dis… turbance?”


“This is… impossible.”

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“See, I have an inner ear problem. Sometimes I can’t hear anything.”

“You betcha. Thank you. And good luck… cracking the case.”

“Well, I hope you can enjoy the victory with one freakin’ eye!”

“[Tina’s being chased by one of Dorian’s henchmen] Hey, guard, there’s a woman being chased in the alley there.”


“For what?”

“You’re welcome.”

“[rolls his eyes] The Mask.”

“[imitating Dr. Neuman] That’s correct, Wendy. We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking.”

“[bewildered] Yeah, right.”

“[looking wistfully at the newspaper clipping of Tina] Stupid. She would never…”

“[throwing it over the sofa] No way.”

“So how do we get in?”

“[Being lifted by bodyguards] You put me down, or I am never coming back here!”

“[Weak with pain] Thanks.”

“Oh, hi. Look, I cancelled my subscription because they kept stealing my paper from the…”

“Really? About what?”

“Me? No. I don’t even have a car. You know, ’cause they pollute.”

“Oh, that car, yeah. Yeah. It’s all coming back to me.”

“[to Kellaway] Hi, lieutenant. Listen, this isn’t the best time right now for a…”

“Won’t you come in?”

“I don’t know. You just put it on.”

“[explaining how The Mask works] It’s like it brings your innermost desires to life. If deep down you’re a little repressed, and a hopeless romantic, you become some kind of love-crazy wild man.”

“Then we’re all in big trouble.”

“Yeah. I’ve, never been better, really. Just… Just catching some air out here.”

“[chuckles to Tina] That’s not my car.”

“All right… I’ll take it. But I am VERY angry. You believe this? You drive in in a Porsche…”

“All right, Mrs. PeenMAN!”

“[opens the door] Hi, Lieutenant. This isn’t a good time right now, so…”

“Won’t you come in?”

“Here, mostly. Is something wrong?”

“[chuckles] Mask?”

“Milo, no!”

“Those, uh, those pajamas were, uh… stolen.”

“[grabs Milo] Yeah. I mean, what is the city coming to when a man’s pajama drawer is no longer safe?”

“Like what, the Lambada?”

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“Milo, you stay here and be a good boy. Daddy’s gonna have to go kick some ass.”

“I’m here for the Civic.”

“What? All I wanted was an oil change!”

“We’re already late for the ball!”


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