Marvel Creator, Stan Lee Has Said That He Wants To Become President Of The World


After getting control of the Twitter account, Stan Lee has now been very active and is now asking all his fans to help him navigate social media.

But, now he has a new request, and he needs his fans’ support to become to president of the world.

The comic book creator had tweeted about his new aspiration and noted that while America has a President, he wants to be president of the entire world.

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“The United States has a President, but I want to be the President of the world. Who will vote for me?” Lee had tweeted.

Now, this tweet is the new chapter in an interesting couple of months for Stan Lee. He had posted a video and stated that he was looking forward to hearing from his all fans on Jupiter and Mars but the distressing chapters happened off social media.

A recent report had claimed that Lee was a victim of elder abuse and in Silicon Valley Comic Con, he was struggling to speak and this had caused all fans to be concerned about his health.

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Lee has also had a few legal allegations against him and the Marvel creator had filed a $1 billion lawsuit against POW! Entertainment, and the executives and had alleged that the CEO, Gill Champion, and Shane Duffy had swindled Lee to part with his name.

Not all the tweets of Stan Lee have been about the galactic fans and the political aspirations. He had used this platform for praising Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and noted that he was the best embodiment for this character.


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