Spiderman And Hulk Become One In The Latest Issue


All our Superheroes are so unique and wonderful in their own ways. They are powerful and morally sound which always puts them in a plane above than normal people. But what happens when they are compared to each other. How many times have fans in their heads started a fictional conflict between their Superheroes just to see who wins at the end? Both Print Media and the screens have utilised this conflict formula between the heroes.

But as Marvel is known to take everything a little bit ahead they are not putting Superheroes against each other in their latest issue, but into each other. Yes you heard it right into each other and not in a romantic way.

Immortal Hulk: Great Power #1 will follow the plot of Spiderman gaining all the powers of Hulk. As we know Hulk though powerful is a very angry creature. One of the predominant themes in Bruce Banner’s character is his attempt to control his anger. And even after so many years he has still not been able to achieve a 100% success rate.

So with the powers being transferred to Peter Parker, how will he handle it? Peter Parker’s motto has always been ‘with great power comes great responsibilities’ but how will he be able to fulfil his responsibilities with such a personality. We know how guilty Banner feels for every wrong thing he committed in his anger. Will we see a repeat of such actions by Parker? But if there is anyone who can handle it, it is our beloved hero Spiderman.

And honestly we really are not big fans of the person who will seemingly become the object of this anger at least according to the Preview. Banner is seen calling someone at the end which shows that there might be someone else from the avengers we can expect.


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