We Now Have A Spider-Man vs. Darth Maul Video From Super Power Beat Down


Director Aaron Schoenke’s Super Power Beat Down series comes out rarely, and when it does, it’s always something very special. His series is based on combining live-action fan-films where characters from comics, movies, and video games duke it out, and the winner is based on fan votes.

So far through the years, we’ve seen Scorpion vs. the White Ranger, Wolverine vs. Predator, Casey Jones vs. Kick-Ass, and a recent tag-team championship battle between Deadpool and Domino vs. Joker and Harley Quinn. Super Power Beat Down has also played around with the Star Wars galaxy using Darth Vader in fights against Gandalf and Batman.

But now Super Power Beatdown has called for Darth Maul, the bad guy who exists purely for the sake of cool fight scenes. With Maul being pure evil, we need someone purely good. Another red and black guy with lightning-fast reflexes namely the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Super Power Beat Down Episode 17 sees Darth Maul battling Spiderman in a New York City complex. Maul has been sent by Darth Sidious to steal the Venom symbiote, currently in Spider-Man’s possession. Maul kidnaps Mary Jane, and Spider-Man is told to come to trade the alien suit for his wife.

The fight breaks out, and it’s a pretty awesome one that we forget about Why Darth  Maul kidnaps Mary Jane and how did Spider-Man know where to find them.

Check it out right here and keep an eye out for a most wonderful cameo.


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