We Might Get To See Spider-Man 2 Sooner Than We Expect


When 2019 had dawned on us, Insomniac Games had confirmed that sequel to PS4’s Marvel’s Spider-Man had been in development. It is therefore no surprise that the sequel is all set to release by 2021, a year after the PlayStation 5 enters the market. Whether it is going to be available on PS4, we do not know. However, if it does make a release by 2021 it confirms that it would be in on PS5.

This information comesKinda Funny’s Imran Khan, who had been a former senior editor at Game Informer. The report does not come from a random Reddit leak or 4chan leaker. Khan had revealed that he cannot say much about this game, however he had noted that it would come by 2021. The first game had been very well received by the critics and gamers, and also sold very well. It played a huge role in Sony Interactive Entertainment acquiring Insomniac Games.

If this game is actually releasing in 2021, then there is a pretty good chance that all the fans will see it pretty soon.

Well, we have to say that this information and the speculation has to be taken with a grain of salt. Even if this report is infact correct, it is surely subject to change.

For everyone who did not know, Marvel’s Spider-Man had released via the PS4 last year, and was one of the best games in that year.



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