Sony Very Much Happy With Their Deal With Disney


Seems like Tom Holland’s Spiderman after suffering a huge heart attack later year will go in to have a smooth life, as suggested by Sony Chairman Tom Rothman. Last year negotiations reached a stalemate between Sony and Disney and Spiderman was almost going to be lost from us but then miraculously, actually through a huge fan push and maybe Tom Holland’s drunken plea both the studios reached at a unison. This deal will actually be beneficial in the future for both the companies if what the spoilers suggest is true.

One of the worst things Sony must have to deal with is that Disney succeeded in doing what they thought and conceived first. They were the ones who first created a franchise out of a beloved Superhero and create a universe out of the various characters he interacts with. But then Sam Raimi moved out and everything just deteriorated like a pack of cards and it took them more than a decade to finally get their footing right in the form of Tom Holland’s Spiderman. They were finally able to create and initiate their universe through Venom in 2018. But even though the movie was successful so much so that Sony was able to give it a sequel and also be encouraged enough to expand this universe to include Morbius slated to release soon. But fans were still disappointed that there was no Spiderman in it and if the new theory about Multiverse and Kang is to be believed we might get many Spidermans.

On the other hand Disney gained a lot of fan support by being able to bring and keep the web slinger in MCU. One that would surely benefit them as they enter their phase 4. And well the merchandise licensing if the Superhero would also be worth some (millions) money.


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