Sony And Marvel Developing A New Project


Sony made Superheroes cool or to be more specific multi million dollars property with Raimi’s trilogy and they are taking their monopoly back. After successfully reintroducing their OG superhero in Spiderman with the Marvel label a lesson they learned through Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman. They went ahead to create their own universe and dis it spectacularly well with Venom and are on a right path through Morbius. Both of whom are huge characters of Spiderman. And now it seems that they are returning to the Marvel fold as it was recently leaked by Exhibitor Relations Co. 2: Box Office Boogaloo that Sony and Marvel has an untitled project in works set to release in October of 2021.

It is honestly a dream come true as once upon a time there was a huge question mark as to what would happen with characters in the Spiderman Universe due to the strained relationships between Marvel and Sony. But everything worked out and not only did we get Tom Holland’s version of Spiderman but also compelling characters like Venom and Morbius.

The question that arises now is that which movie will be taken forward because reportedly there are a lot of interesting projects that Sony and Marvel is working on starting from Kraven the hunter, the female team up movie Silver & Black which eventually separated to Silver Sable and Black Cat and in my opinion the most ambitious The Sinister six.

Sony is gearing for two big releases this year with Venom’s sequel and Morbius which in all probability will be successful with the amount of reaction it is generating regarding Spiderman’s future. Well it seems like finally after so many years Spiderman’s future is in safe hands with Raimi’s return and the scope of so many characters.

Venom 2 release on October 2 and Morbius releases on July 31, 2020.


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