Sonic The Hedgehog To Be A Disappointment Like Birds Of Prey


This year has had quite a few disappointments with Dolittle literally flagging their entrance. But no disappointment was bigger than that of Birds Of Prey. One of the recent outings of DC continuing surprisingly the critically successful trail following Joker had the worst opening for DC. No words can describe how big of a disappointment it is as the movie is really very good according to the audience and critics alike. It has diversity. But more importantly it is a female led movie by the woman and of the woman. Let’s face it studios took decades to give us a solo female super hero movie because they were afraid they will not work financially at the Box Office. Odds have always been stacked against them, so this failure pushes back the movement severely.

Another movie which though heavily anticipated, but getting a even worse opening than Birds of Prey has been Sonic The Hedgehog. It has earned 3 million dollars on Thursday night, but its fate by most projections will be better than Birds of Prey because a. it is PG rated and its main audience are children who will probably go to the movies in the weekend and b. there is an extended weekend in sight. In another sphere it has actually done better than other animated movies like the Lego on Thursdays.

It also has a moderate budget of close to 80 million dollars and the movie is predicted to rake in close to 40 to 50 million dollars. It is extremely important that this movie works as paramount will need it after the failure that was Rhythm Section. That is the reason they even postponed it to animate the Sonic according to the expectations of fans.

The movie has a huge fan base of adults as well because there are many who grew playing this series of games. So in my opinion it is pretty much set.


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