Sonic The Hedgehog Crosses The 200 Million Mark


The entire fandom can’t stop raving about the success of Sonic the Hedgehog. Not only has this movie shut several mouths critical of a video game adaptation. It has also shown that is you really listen to the fans who have been passionately associated with the project for the longest time, keeping aside your ego. You will get good results. Sonic the hedgehog is officially on line to become the highest grossing video game adaptation ever with a whooping earning of 200 million dollars under their belt till now.

This success has been resounding for all the parties involved, it has given Jim Carrey a hit that is surely t become a landmark in his career. It gave Paramount a huge hit and franchise that they were literally searching for.

It is no secret that Paramount has been struggling to find a hit for the longest time. They had given a series of flops till now, actually record breaking flops. Therefore they needed this one desperately and therefore really worked on it a lot too. After receiving criticism from fans regarding the CGI of the beloved character, with harsh reactions on several of his features most noticeably the teeth. The film makers as well as the director Jeff Fowler agreed to redesign the character, which meant a 5 million dollars increase in the budget and 3 months delay.

But turns out that it was for the best as Sonic is literally speeding through the box office maintaining the no.1 spot for the last 10 days, with no competitor in sight till the release of Onward.

Good news keeps coming as soon the movie will release in a big market like Japan where its business is surely to increase. Though it will still not be able to access certain Asian markets because of the Coronavirus.


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