Simon Reveals About His Pitch About A Superhero


You know why comic books have such a huge base 9f fans. So much so that every comic adaptation is guaranteed to at least rake in more than 200 million dollars. Of course if it is well made. It is because of the emotions the readers attach to these printed pages. We see ourselves in these heroes who can change the destiny of world and in the process themselves because they have the strength, capability and personality to do so. This is the reason we are so passionately attached with them. Many people who make these movies are also fans who are insanely attached to them. Example in point being James Gunn, he made a group of quirky superheroes like Guardians work because of the passion he had for them. Well we have someone else now who has the same passion for Punisher.

We are taking about none other than Adam G. Simon, who will soon begin scripting duties on The Raid.

To those not aware The Raid is a superhot action flick, which has gained so much popularity over the years that it will now get a Hollywood remake. The remake will be directed by Joe Carnahan who will co write the script with Simon.

Simon revealed in a recent interview that he is a huge fan of Punisher mostly because how these comics helped him feel in his childhood. He was growing up with people who went unpunished for their crimes and amidst this Punisher was an inspiration that everything will come back in order. He was so passionate about it that he pitched a movie about it to the studios, though as we know nothing ever panned out as the studio went in a different direction and created a series out of it.

The series though very well executed was put in back burner and cancelled after Disney + as it was airing on Netflix.


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