110+ Sex Jokes That Will Make You Think A Lot

funny sex jokes

Ever heard of this genre? The Sexual Parody or commonly called as Sex Jokes? Or wondered what is so special about these so-called adult jokes that are doing the buzz? Well here is our 110+ Sex Jokes Collection That Will Make You Think A Lot!

Sex Jokes or Sexual diversion is characterized here as including any verbal joke which contains an expression or certain reference to sex. This isn’t intended to incorporate references to marvels quickly adjoining sex if intercourse isn’t referenced legitimately nor straightforwardly suggested.

In this manner, the greater part of the standard relative jokes or conjugal jokes is excluded in sexual diversion on the grounds that, while it is standard for spouses and wives to take part in intercourse, sex isn’t what these jokes are about.

The handy natural measure, effectively and consistently accessible in our way of life, is that these jokes are not considered “grimy” and can be told in a blended organization, sex-and age-wise. Then again understood sexual jokes are unquestionably incorporated into the classification of sexual amusingness in light of the fact that every one of them contains express or verifiable references to sex.

Out of these jokes, just a couple of will strike a great many people as the most expressly sexual and direct ones! Maybe there are likewise least unequivocal of them and, along these lines, they become most socially adequate. These two limits decide the scope of sexual silliness as expected here precisely. It will be perceived by the vast majority who joke toward the gentle post of the scale.

So, the next time if you want a diversion from the usual Joke Type or Humor Parody, just read our 110+ Sex Jokes That Will Make You Think A Lot and find the difference in you!

How is life like a penis?
Your girlfriend makes it hard.

best sex jokes

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How is sex like a game of bridge?
If you have a great hand, you don’t need a partner.

famous sex jokes

What’s another name for a vagina?
The box a penis comes in.

funny sex jokes

What did the penis say to the vagina?
Don’t make me come in there!

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What do you call the useless piece of skin on a dick?
The man

sex jokes

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What’s the difference between a G-spot and a golf ball?
A guy will actually search for a golf ball.

What does the sign on an out-of-business brothel say?
Beat it. We’re closed.

Why was the guitar teacher arrested?
For fingering a minor.

What’s the difference between a tire and 365 used condoms?
One’s a Goodyear. The other’s a great year.

Why does Santa Claus have such a big sack?
He only comes once a year.

What’s the difference between a hooker and a drug dealer?
A hooker can wash her crack and resell it.

What do the Mafia and pussies have in common?
One slip of the tongue, and you’re in deep shit.

What did the banana say to the vibrator?
Why are you shaking? She’s gonna eat me!

Why does Dr. Pepper come in a bottle?
Because his wife died.

What’s the best part about sex with 28-year-olds?
There are twenty of them.

What’s the difference between a pregnant woman and a lightbulb?
You can unscrew a lightbulb.

What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?

What’s the difference between a Catholic priest and a zit?
A zit will wait until you’re twelve before it comes on your face.

What do a penis and a Rubik’s Cubes have in common?
The more you play with it, the harder it gets.

What does one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob?
If we don’t get some support, people will think we’re nuts.

What’s the best part about gardening?
Getting down and dirty with your hoes.

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How is a girlfriend like a laxative?
They both irritate the shit out of you.

Why do vegetarians give good head?
Beause they’re used to eating nuts.

What’s long and hard and full of semen?
A submarine.

What’s the difference between your wife and your job?
After five years, your job will still suck.

Why do walruses love a tupperware party?
They’re always on the lookout for a tight seal.

What’s the difference between your boyfriend and a condom?
Condoms have evolved: They’re not so thick and insensitive anymore.

Why did God give men penises?
So they’d have at least one way to shut a woman up.

What’s the difference between anal and oral sex?
Oral sex makes your day. Anal makes your hole weak.

What do a woman and a bar have in common?
Liquor in the front, poker in the back.

What’s the difference between a pick-pocket and a peeping tom?
One snatches your watch. The other watches your snatch.

What do you call two jalapeños getting it on?
Fucking hot!

How do you make your girlfriend scream during sex?
Call and tell her about it.

What’s the difference between your dick and a bonus check?
Someone’s always willing to blow your bonus.

Why do women have orgasms?
Just another reason to moan, really.

What do you call a guy with a small dick?

What do you call a guy with a giant dick?

What do you call someone who refuses to fart in public?
A private tutor.

What do you call a virgin lying on a waterbed?
A cherry float.

Know what a 6.9 is?
Another good thing screwed up by a period.

What do boobs and toys have in common?
They were both originally made for kids, but daddies end up playing with them.

What do you call a herd of cows masturbating?
Beef strokin’ off.

What did the O say to the Q?
Dude, your dick’s hanging out.

What do you get when you mix birth control and LSD?
A trip without kids.

What did the sanitary napkin say to the fart?
You are the wind beneath my wings.

What’s the difference between a woman with PMS and a terrorist?
You can negotiate with a terrorist.

How is a push-up bra like a bag of chips?
As soon as you open it, you realize it’s half empty.

How do you embarrass an archaeologist?
Give him a used tampon and ask him which period it came from.

How do you circumcise a hillbilly?
Kick his sister in the jaw.

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What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree?
Hold on to your nuts, this ain’t no ordinary blowjob.

Word of the day is Legs. Now go spread the word.

The Invisible Man can fart and pretend that he is not to blame.

Never hit a man with glasses. Hit him with a baseball bat.

What did the letter O said to letter Q? Put some pants on.

I watched a really sad porn film the other day – it was a real tear-jerker.

I used to work at a company called 69, my friend took over my position.

What is the hardest thing about being a man? His penis.

It’s so cold that I have to take half a Viagra so I won’t pee on my shoes.

What do you call a woman who is paralyzed from the waist down? Married.

Was your ass forged by Sauron because it is precious!

Remember how when you were little you could just rip off your diaper and run around naked and everyone thought it was funny?

He’s so ugly he has to buy flowers for his own hand.

There are hundred holes in in my wife’s body; one of them is filled by my dick and the 99 others has been filled by money.

When you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?

Q: When do you kick a midget in the balls?
A: When he is standing next to your girlfriend saying her hair smells nice.

What is the difference between a clever midget and a venereal disease? One is a cunning runt, and the other is a running c*nt.

Hi, I’m a geologist – I was wondering if I could explore your natural resources…

I run faster horny than you do scared.

If you force sex on a prostitute is it rape or shoplifting?

Lets unzip our genes and see if we can share codes together.

Instead of “Who’s your daddy” I accidentally said, “How’s your daddy” and we put our clothes back on and started discussing her dad’s cholesterol.

Should crematoriums give discounts for burn victims?

How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened by the time she brings it.

Did you hear about the guy that lost his left arm and leg in a car crash? He’s all right now.

What is 6.9? A good thing ruined by a period.

I’m no weatherman but I know you’re going to get 3 inches tonight.

The Rock’s wife introducing him to her friends: “This is Dwayne “my rock” Johnson.”

How is a woman like a road? They both have manholes.

What’s got four legs and one arm? A Rottweiler.

Do you sell hot dogs? Because you know how to make a wiener stand.

Why do women prefer old gynecologists? Their shaky hands!

What did one squirrel say to the other? Come around the tree and I’ll show you my nuts.

I flirted with disaster last night. Now disaster won’t stop texting me.

How do you fix a woman’s watch? Why should you? There’s a clock on the oven.

Do you know what the square root of 69 is? Ate something. (8.xxxxxxx….)

I think it’d be cool if they made those classical nude sculptures out of timber instead of stone, wooden tit?

Hi, I’m bisexual. I’d like to BUY you a drink…and then get sexual.

Why does the bride always wear white? Because it is good for the dishwasher to match the stove and refrigerator.

The real reason I keep my car messy is just in case anyone ever tries to steal it maybe they will feel sorry for me instead.

Are you from Japan? Cause I’m currently trying to get in japanties.

Vagina – the box a penis comes in.

How does one know a man is going to say something smart?..His senentences start with “A woman once told me..”

How are husbands like lawn mowers? They’re hard to get started, they emit noxious odors, and half the time they don’t work.

When a woman breast feeds in public it’s called natural, but when I do it, the woman calls the cops.

A woman just asked me if I like thighs or breasts. Told her I like shaved vagina and anal. Apparently, this isn’t an appropriate answer at KFC.

What do you say we make this a Not-so-Silent Night?

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Why’d the semen cross the road? I wore the wrong pair of socks.

Did you hear about the cannibal who dumped his girlfriend?

What’s the difference between a man and a woman? Don’t think dirty! Only “wo”.

What does a 75-year-old woman have between her breasts that a 25-year-old doesn’t? Her navel.

I just created a new assembler for the ladies only. It is named “Org-asm”.

If we were stranded in a desert and a snake bit my penis, would you suck the poison out?

My wife had her period at a Manchester United game, and all I got was this bloody t-shirt.

I’ll show you where easter eggs come from — you may be surprised!

Looking at you is getting my dick harder than Chuck Norris

What’s better than roses on your piano? Tulips on your organ.

Opinions are like arse holes. Everyone has one, but not everyone wants to hear it…

Don’t let an extra chromosome get you down.

Can I borrow your cellphone? I need to call animal control cause I just saw a fox!

What do most men consider a gourmet restaurant? Any place without a drive-up window.

What do you call a snowman orgy? A snowball fight.

Drinking too much coffee can cause a latte problems.

The problem with sex in the movies is, that the popcorn usually spills.

I’ll get you wetter than a Scottish summer.

Do you know what a Timberwolf is? No. Thats a guy that chases a girl up a tree and kisses her inbetween the limbs.

How are women and linoleum floors alike? You lay them right the first time and you can walk all over them for the next 20 years.

Wanna play guns? Bend over and I’ll cock you.

What do you call a blonde with pig tails? A blowjob with handlebars.

What are two reasons why men don’t mind their own business? 1. No mind. 2. No business.

Why does Santa Claus have such a big sack? He only comes once a year.


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