Selena Gomez Gets Inked Again To Celebrate The Release Of Rare


Fans of Selena Gomez were eagerly awaiting the release of the pop star’s first album in four years for quite a long time. But seems like it was a two way street as the singer herself expressed her excitement for the release of her latest album Rare as she posted a video of her getting the name Rare tattooed on the her neck. It was in the same handwriting which is present in the cover art and was done by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang. Recently, she has been racking quite a few tattoos in her body signifying extremely important moments in her life.

As stated by the singer numerous times Rare is one her most personal outings yet detailing all the personal struggles she has gone through in the last few years and how she overcame it. It is sort of her love letter to her fans as they were her source of support through the entirety of her mega successful albeit tumultuous career. She also gave her few selected fans a peek into her album before anyone.

The pop star’s life has always been a subject of intense scrutiny but nothing has attracted more attention than her love life especially her relationship with Justin Bieber. As soon as her songs dropped everyone started to speculate which of her songs are related or written for Bieber. Certain lyrics of Rare as well as Lose you to love me have been rumoured to be inspired by her relationship with Bieber.

Any which way Selena’s album has been garnering positive reviews from all over the world. Her selenators are overjoyed to finally hear some new material from the star. She is in the best position of her career and more importantly seems to be happier than ever. Here’s to wishing her an amazing year. She is definitely one of the rarest personalities of the world and we wish to never lose her.


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