Scarlet Witch Officially Declared As The Most Powerful In MCU


Marvel has recently announced Scarlet Witch to be its most powerful Superhero. For a long time MCU gave this title to Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel and she also showed it pretty amazingly well in Captain Marvel movie as well as Endgame against Thanos. She was hyped up by Kevin Fiege himself and has been the prominent face of Marvel going into Phase 4.

Many fans might think that this new revelation has come only because Wandavision is in the pipelines. But if you consider the history of comic books this proclaimation makes much more sense than Carol Danvers being the strongest superhero.

Though she was always an important part of the Marvel universe she was never in the echelon of it and was considered weaker thanThor, Hulk, Hercules, Namor, the Thing, and quite a few more, when it came to physical strength.

But Scarlet Witch always had enormous power. With her mutant powers and Chaos Magic she is capable of causing utter and complete destruction of anything and everything.In “Avengers Disassembled”, she effectively weakens and defeats all of the Avengers and also ends up rewriting reality, and was the one character whose power stood a chance at defeating the full might of the Phoenix Force in “Avengers vs. X-Men”.

Because of such mounting eveidence it is easier for comic fans to understand why her prowess makes her the most powerful being in the MCU. And maybe Marvel is ready to put it into full use with having her appear in her own show Wandavision as well as their Doctor Strange Sequel interestingly titled Multiverse of Madness. Well if you are dealing with Multiverses you need your most powerful hero by your side.


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