Scarface Will Now Re-Release In Selected Theaters For Its 35th Anniversary


Scarface is now all set to head back to the theaters by summer. Universal Pictures, Tribeca Film Festival and Screenvision Media, have announced the come back of Scarface to theatres nationwide. This will be in celebration of its 35th anniversary. All the fans outside of New York will now have a chance to participate in the Tribeca Film Festival even.

As a part of these celebrations, the moviegoers are all being invited to watch this film followed by the Tribeca Film Festival post-screening conversation and the Scarface director, Brian De Palma with the actors Michelle Pfeiffer, Al Pacino, and Steven Bauer will gather and discuss this film movie and the impact of it.

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Brian De Palma had also made an enduring remake with Scarface. The 1983 remake of Howard Hawks’ 1932 original take remained present in pop culture in the three and a half decades since its release. Darryl Schaffer, the executive Vice President of the exhibitor relations and operations, Screenvision Media said this:

“Scarface is a timeless film that has influenced pop culture in so many ways over the last 35 years. We’re thrilled to partner with Universal Pictures and Tribeca Film Festival to bring it back to the big screen in celebration of its anniversary. The Tribeca Film Festival talk was an important commemoration of the film. We’re excited to extend it to the big screen and provide fans a behind-the-scenes insight into what production was like in the 1980s.”

Paula Weinstein, EVP, Tribeca Enterprises, said this:

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“Tribeca has a rich history of producing legendary reunion events. We are thrilled to be able to replicate the Festival experience with audiences across the country. Our gratitude to Screenvision and Universal. Scarface has had a strong influence on popular culture and reuniting the cast for the 35th anniversary was an evening not to forget.”

The screenings will be taking place at few selected theatres in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas on June 10, 11, and 13.


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