Sasha Banks Gets Casted For The Mandalorian.


Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe are the biggest ventures for Disney. They have proven to be profitable and amazing all at the same time. The future of Star Wars after George Lucas’ refusal to make the sequel series felt grim in a lot of ways at least on the screen. And going ahead without hi could have garnered a negative reaction from the fan base. It was a murky situation but something that Disney treaded very well and therefore got in its hands the second highest grossing franchise in the world.

Star Wars and Star Trek has always had a very strong, intense and a mutually appreciative relationship. But something Star Trek always had an upper hand on was TV series. It was like DC and Marvel basically. Though Star Wars had Clone wars. But still its live action potential in the form of series was never tested. Disney took a risk and ordered two live action series from Star Wars and gave the responsibility to Mandalorian to literally spearhead its ambitious Disney+ into the market. The risk paid off and Mandalorian became a huge success and also played a huge role in the streaming service’ business.

The reason of its success has been attributed to the baby popularly known as baby yoda, who literally and figuratively took over the internet. Everyone adored the baby. But its crisp storylines and amazing effect also pulled the viewers. And mind you Star Wars fans are extremely hard to please.


The casting in the series was also pivotal they were casting for a variety of beings ranging from humans to aliens. And they made a lot of interesting choices like former MMA fighter Gina Carano as Cara Dune, director Werner Herzog as the mysterious Client, and comedian Bill Burr as the mercenary, Mayfeld. Joining these interesting choices now in second season is Sasha Banks, a WWE wrestler who made her last appearance on January 3. It was speculated that she is away for an ankle injury. But this may all be a cover up to keep her appearance a secret. This will be her first acting gig and what a first acting job she has garnered. We hope that she does justice to the role and enjoys this gig/



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