Samurai Jack To Come Back As Video Game


After the phenomenal performance of Sonic The Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu in recent years it would not be wrong to say that it is high time that video games be taken seriously in pop culture. They have s plethora of history and content just waiting to be adapted. And if you don’t want to be like NBC, CBS or ABC and make the shot first like Netflix did. You might be dead meat paying 500 million dollars for your own content. The creators and gamers need to be smart and promote their product properly. A huge reason why Sonic worked is because of he huge social media backing it got from its fans.

It could also prove to be a great two way street, providing amazing content for shows and giving it a new audience. It has full capability of rejuvenating any project. And seems like Samurai Jack has got the memo.

Samurai Jack a hugely popular animated series is coming back in the form of video game and we cannot keep calm at all.

Recently, the trailer for the video game dropped which also revealed the title, which is Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. It went live at IGN which announced the title. Adult Swim Games will oversee the project which will come on consoles and PC later this summer.

current reports suggest that Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time will be a joint project between Adult Swim Games and Soleil, a Japanese game developer. The latter is a popular name as it has developed a slew of anime titles like Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker.

Adult Swim Games put out an official description for the game recently. This description promises the return of various iconic characters from the show

“Become Samurai Jack, the greatest warrior of the past, present and future. Journey through time to finally stop Aku’s evil reign in this new adventure told by the creators of Samurai Jack. Encounter your favorite characters from the show including The Scotsman, Scaramouche, Sir Rothchild, and more!


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