100+ Ruthless People Quotes About The 1986 American Black Comedy Film

Ruthless People quotes

These Ruthless People Quotes About The 1986 American Black Comedy Film. There are so many Ruthless People quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Ruthless People Quotes exists just do that.

Written by Dale Launer and directed by David Zucker, Ruthless People is an awe-inspiring comedy film of 1986 based on American black-culture. Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker, This was an absolute master class of a movie and the star-studded included Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, Judge Reinhold, Anita Morris, and Helen Slater, with Bill Pullman being cast in a supporting role in his film debut.

The movie is the story of a couple who go on to kidnap their ex-boss’s wife to get revenge and even to extort money from him. They, however, soon realize that he does not want her back anymore and was even planning to kill her, himself. Meanwhile, the current boss’s mistress goes on ahead and even plans a foolproof blackmail attempt on him, Even this, again does not go as planned.

Although the movie has been perceived by in such a way that the movie, Ruthless People was influenced by O. Henry’s story “The Ransom of Red Chief”. The writer Dale Launer even claims that it was inspired by the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst and even that the similarities between the movie and the earlier story were merely a coincidence. It also further shares numerous plotline similarities with the legendary 1959 film Too Many Crooks.

We have dug up these Ruthless People quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Ruthless People Quotes  Sayings in a single place.Ruthless People  About Mary have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Ruthless People quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Ruthless People quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“Oh my God! I’ve been kidnapped by Huey and Dewey!”

Ruthless People popular quotes

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“I’m not now, nor shall I ever be, any man’s arm candy.”

Ruthless People famous quotes

“Some rats just don’t know when to die.”

Ruthless People best quotes“Put Officer Pope and his family on the list.”

Ruthless People saying “A Taser? Really? What are you, a mall cop?”

Ruthless People quotes

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“So, if I look like his mother and you look like his father, this is what our son would look like. Pretty strong argument for birth control.”

“[introducing his wife’s toy poodle to his new Doberman pinscher] Muffy, meet Adolph. Adolph, EAT MUFFY!”

“[complaining about his wife’s wealthy father] They pulled the plug on him. He wheezed and shook for about an hour and then… he stabilized. That son-of-a-
bitch just got older and sicker, and older and sicker, AND OLDER AND SICKER…!”

“[answering the phone] Hello? Debbie? Yeah, Debbie’s here. Who is this? Well Ralph, Debbie can’t talk right now. My dick’s in her mouth. How about if I have
her call you back later when I’m done? [hangs up] I love wrong numbers.”

“She looks like a sweet little lamb from afar, but when you get close, you find out she skinned and ate the damn thing just to use it as a coat. She’s a beast.
~Liam C.”

“Liam, soon-to-be-fucking-dead, Callahan was walking down the stairs—my fucking stairs—with his sex hair high and his green eyes sharper than razor blades. He was beautiful, and I almost regretted the fact that I would have to put a bullet in his head and then smash it through a fucking wall.
-Melody G.”

“My name,” I whispered in her ear, and she shivered with pleasure. “Say my name again. Not in anger, or disgust, but as you did just now. As if I am the only man in the world who can satisfy you.
~Liam C.”

“I want you to love me.” I said softly. “But if not, then I want to be the closest thing to you loving me. I want your loyalty. I want your honesty. I want you by my side and no one else’s. I want your body. I want your mind. I want to know your hopes and dreams so I could one day make them reality.”

“That ticks me off!” She snapped. “Since when could you bribe me with treats like a fucking child.”
I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose. “So no smoothie then?”
“Mango, banana, orange and extra kiwi,” she replied before hanging up.”

“She is. . . she is Bloody Melody and perfect. God created her and then shattered the mold afterward, for the world could not handle two of her.”

“Interesting does not even begin to cover what happened today.” I said.
“My fiance shot me with my own gun.”

“She fucking shot me. I had been so shocked and horny that my mind couldn’t even comprehend what had happened.”

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“Step one, accept she was a damn boss. Step two, hide all the knives, guns, and maybe the pillows, too.”

“Control her Neal, or else she will need new parts. No one calls my wife a bitch. . . with the exception of me.”

“Every last person we kill is for family. If we do not kill them, they kill us. It’s the way of the world. It is self-defense.”

“Tell me it wasn’t fucking you, and you still get to come to the motherfucking wedding sweetheart…
Melody G.”

“I am trying! You are closer to me that anyone else Liam.”
“That would be enough, if everyone else wasn’t dead”

“There are four kinds of homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy.” ~ Ambrose Bierce”

“He pulls a knife, you pull a gun, he sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue . . .” ~ Al Capone”

“When she reached me, she stopped and kissed my father on the cheek before taking my hand. However, when I looked in her eyes I saw a twinge of sadness, and it pained me to my core. I squeezed her hand, not to hurt her, but to tell her I saw and I didn’t like it. I wanted her to be happy. I would let her pick anyone in the church and kill them if it made her smile.”

“Liam, get your horny fucking ass out of bed and help me kill a bitch!” she yelled.”

“She was mine. She was all fucking mine.I was the king of the jungle, and the woman beside me was my queen.”

“God needs me. What would happen if there weren’t people like me? If the world were perfect, if everything was the way you wished it to be, then why would you pray? God needs me, because without us, you forget about Him.”

“There are born victims, born to have their throats cut, as the cut-throats are born to be hanged.” ~ Aldous Huxley”

“I loved being dominated in such a beastly sexual way. How his hands, lips and tongue all grabbed on to me.”

“One murder makes a villain, millions a hero. Numbers sanctify, my good fellow.” ~ Monsieur Verdoux”

“She looks like a sweet little lamb from afar, but when you get close, you find out she skinned and ate the damn thing just to use it as a coat. She’s a beast.”

“before. I’m so in charge I could be the fucking Energizer bunny.”

“Invades the sacred hour of silent rest and leaves, unseen, a dagger in your breast.” ~ Samuel Johnson”

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“One day you could be sitting on the top of the world, then the next it could be sitting on you,”

“My mother told me never to hit a woman, but you are pushing my limits.” “Funny, my father told me the same thing. Would you like me to apologize?”

“and damn well no 5-0 with his Smokey the Bear looking sidekick, will ever tell me differently.”

“My husband and I have never considered divorce.
Murder sometimes, but never divorce.” ~ Joyce Brothers”

“My dear, if you were not my daughter, I would fear you.” I could hear the smile in his voice over the phone. “It’s because I am your daughter that you should fear me.”

“I loved every moment of it. But I would not let him win. I would not bow down to him. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.”

“Go to hell,” he breathed out. “My wife is a raging homicidal hormonal pregnant woman. I sleep with hell.” I sighed, giving him air again.”

“May we forever be rulers, may our enemies tremble at our feet, may we never forget our great love that is the family. Which we will rule with an iron fist.” “May we be ruthless and have no regrets,” she added gripping onto my back. “May we take what we want, when we want it, with the world at our feet.”

“Declan didn’t understand. Olivia didn’t understand. No one understood what I felt. How deep the guilt had embedded into my soul. Father had told me repeatedly that family was everything. That we lived and died for family, but then Liam happened and I swear Sedric knew what I had done. He looked me dead in the eye and waited for me to confess my sin, but I couldn’t speak.”

“I stepped in her face again and kissed her forehead. “I. Am. All. You. Have. Just as you are all I have—fuck Declan, Neal, Olivia, Coraline, even my parents. My family and loyalty start with you and you alone. The sooner you fucking realize that, the sooner we can get back to losing ourselves within each other and actually killing all those who stand against us.”

“He was known as the “Boogeyman of the East,” and I was the unknown “Wicked Witch of the West.”

“See something you like?” I asked, sqeezing the cold water from my hair. He frowned. “Sadly, yes, but it’s an illusion. The moment you get close, it turns into a ruthless savage and shoots you in the thigh with your own gun.”

So, when do I get out of here?”

As soon as Mr. Stone pays the ransom.”

What’s the problem? What is the ransom?”

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Well, we asked for $500,000.”

That should be no problem.”

He wouldn’t pay.”

He wouldn’t pay?”

Then we asked him for $50,000.”


He still wouldn’t pay. So now we’re lowering our price to $10,000.”

Do I understand this correctly? I’m being marked down?”

I’ve been kidnapped by K-Mart!”

“Sam Stone:
They pulled the plug on him. He wheezed and shook for about an hour and then… he stabilized. That son-of-a-bitch just got older and sicker, and older and sicker, AND OLDER AND SICKER…!”

My husband worships the ground I walk on! When he hears about this, he will *explode*!”

“Sam Stone:
Bye-bye, Barbara!”

Oh my God! I’ve been kidnapped by Huey and Dewey!”

“Sam Stone:
Muffy, meet Adolph. Adolph, EAT MUFFY!”

So, if I look like his mother and you look like his father, this is what our son would look like. Pretty strong argument for birth control.”

“Lt. Bender:

“Earl Mott:
Who said that?”

“Lt. Walters:
This could very well be the stupidest person on the face of the earth. Perhaps we should shoot him.”

“Lt. Bender:

“Earl Mott:

“Lt. Bender:

“Sam Stone:
I had to live with that squealing, corpulent little toad all these years. God, I hate that woman. I – I – I hate the way she licks stamps! I hate her furniture! And I hate that little sound she makes when she sleeps.”

“Sam Stone:
Ugh! And that filthy little shitbag dog of hers…”Muffy”!”

Aren’t you scared?”

“Sam Stone:
Scared? Hell, no. I’m looking FORWARD to it. My only regret, Carol, is that the plan isn’t more violent.”

“Ken Kessler:
I mean, what the hell’s the point of being a decent person when no-one is?”

Aw gee whiz, that really sucks. I’m a real aficionado of death camp cuisine.”

YOU’VE F***ED WITH THE WRONG PERSON! My husband does business with the Mafia! When they track you down, you, your entire family, everyone you ever KNEW will all get chainsaw enemas!”

I don’t think he loves her.”

“Ken Kessler:
Well, let’s face it, she’s not Mother Teresa. Gandhi would have strangled her.”

“Sam Stone:
For mixing cotton with silk?”

“Ken Kessler:
Sandy, it’s over. Sam isn’t going to pay the ransom, he couldn’t care less. I’m no criminal. I can’t even sell retail, and that’s legal!”

You get that tape of Sam Stone finishing off his wife, and that man will give us anything we want for the rest of his life!”

“Earl Mott:
Yeah! Then we’re off to Haiti.”

Not Haiti, Tahiti!”

“Earl Mott:
Oh, I knew that.”

Either the chief is a complete moron and complete morons are rare…”

Or he’s playing games with me!”

“Sam Stone:
Yes, your attack dogs. Do they just attack people or can you get them to attack little dogs?”

“Sam Stone:
Well, what if you starve them for a while?”

“Sam Stone:
It’s the dog. She’s not properly house-trained.”

“Sam Stone:
The dog’s a little diabetic.”

“Ken Kessler:
What can we deprive Sam of that would really get to the core of his being?


“Earl Mott:
Did you just shoot at me?”

“Ken Kessler:
No, there’s police men everywhere.”

“Earl Mott:
Do you think that I look that stupid?”

“Ken Kessler:
Yes, you do!”

“Sam Stone:
I’m not asking you to screw the dog, Carol. It’s for me.!”

“Barbara: So, when do I get out of here?”

“Sandy: As soon as Mr. Stone pays the ransom.”

“Barbara: What’s the problem? What is the ransom?”

“Sandy: Well, we asked for $500,000.00.”

“Barbara: That should be no problem.”


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