5 Actors Rumored To Be The Next Wolverine In The Upcoming Movies.


Apparently, when Hugh Jackman played Wolverine in Logan last year, that was the end of the run for Jackman’s 17 years run as the character. In fact, the character would have been gone for a very long time, if Disney hadn’t surprised us with the acquisition deal with 20th Century Fox. This brings the X-Men characters such as Wolverine, under direct ownership of Disney. Which obviously means that they would play a part in the future MCU movies. Although it will take quite some time for the X-Men characters to feature in an MCU movie since the deal was struck only a few months back and is still under the legal lense.

In any case, we are going to see Wolverine and X-Men return to the big screen. Wolverine is as famous as Batman or  Spider-Man, and a number of actors have played the character over the years. There are some names that have been doing the rounds online about the future Wolverine options. Let’s take a look at the five actors rumored to be in the reckoning to play Wolverine in Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Tom Hardy is probably the Hollywood’s heart-throb of the moment. His name seems to be in the mix for almost every major role that we hear about, including even James Bond and of course as Wolverine. He has already proven his talent by playing characters such as Eames in Inception or Charles Bronson in Bronson as well as Ivan Locke in Locke.

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He also proved his action prowess in Mad Max: Fury Road and he is not a novice to the world of comic book based films as he has played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and will be seen later this year as Eddie Brock in Venom. He is a busy actor, and the only thing that might come in his way is his inability to commit long-term with MCU, but, then that is going to be the case with any popular actor.


Scott Eastwood had stated recently that he would absolutely love to play Wolverine in movies. He said, “He’s a renegade, a loose cannon, the kind of character that I love.” He has an incredible portfolio of action movies such as Pacific Rim: Uprising and The Fate of The Furious. He has also been familiar with the comic book world.

Apart from being an obsessive fan of Wolverine, he also played a role recently in the Suicide Squad as Lieutenant GQ Edwards. He is among the front-runners for the role. If you wish to see that this wasn’t enough to make up a case for him, Hugh Jackman has also stated on record that Scott’s father, Clint Eastwood was his role-model for playing Wolverine.


Travis Fimmel’s fan following has increased tremendously courtesy his portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings on History Channel, but, he is yet to make it big in the world of cinema. He played the leading role in 2016 movie Warcraft: The Beginning, but, that film did poorly critically as well as on box office. Therefore, he is still in the search for the role which will make him a star.

He might not be as famous as Hugh Jackman, but, he has been on every list of potential Wolverine actors, courtesy the rage and sentiments that he displayed on Vikings.

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Dafne Keen played the character of X-23, a clone created using Wolverine’s DNA in Logan, and her name has been doing rounds as the potential replacement for Hugh Jackman, right from the day he announced his exit, and those rumors also became stronger after seeing the way she performed in the film. The biggest benefit for her is that she is just 13, so Marvel can keep her in the wings for several years and then she can be roped in to play Wolverine for a long-term. The only hitch if any is that we would get a Wolverine, but, not Logan, the character that we have come to love.


Shocked? We wonder why does Jackman love to play with our sentiments? Initially, he said that Logan is his last Wolverine appearance. Later he said he wouldn’t mind returning to play Wolverine if he gets an opportunity to be a part of MCU. And now when Disney bought the 21st Century Fox and made it possible for Wolverine to be a part of the MCU, he has once again gone back and stated that his time as Wolverine is definitely over.

As if that wasn’t enough torture for fans, rumors have come up again about Jackman returning to wield the adamantium claws in the MCU courtesy Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan. Stan claimed that he asked Jackman whether he would see him again in the near future. Reportedly, he told Stan a few things which he can’t divulge, saying it might cause problems with some people if he revealed anything.


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