Rumor: Poster And Title Leaked For Rocksteady’s Superman Video Game


LATEST: According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the sub-name ‘World’s Finest’ is important. “World’s Finest isn’t just a cool subtitle. Those two words together carry a lot of weight, going back several decades in DC Comics history,” the writer says. “World’s Finest is the tag team moniker used to describe Superman and Batman when they work together and has been the title for several volumes of comic book issues. So if World’s Finest is indeed the name of this game we still aren’t certain even exists, then it is without a doubt either connected to the Arkham universe or at the very least Batman is involved somehow.”

In case that is how things stand then it is really fascinating.

What we heard earlier: There have been rumors regarding the proposed Superman game being developed by Rocksteady Studios and also how the game might be unveiled at E3. Now, there is a new art piece which not just suggests it further, but, also carries a likely title.

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There are some other details which were revealed by this tweet mentioning Brainiac as the lead villain of the game. It also states that the E3 press conference of Microsoft will be where it gets officially unveiled. The other DC legends such as Batman and Wonder Woman might also appear in the game.  The game is likely to be subtitled ‘World’s Finest.” You can check the tweet below.

However, before we become all jumpy with excitement, there are a few things which need to be kept in mind. First, although Rocksteady has been developing something for a while now, they have never revealed what it is. While Game Informer had recently suggested that the game might make an appearance on its July cover, but, didn’t confirm it officially.

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Secondly, the rumor started on a 4chan page. That is something we must keep in mind as we head towards E3. The image is being circulated online and is doing Twitter rounds, but, irrespective of our wishes and speculation, the truth is that this rumor was unleashed by a random guy on 4chan. It could be the nerd next door or your sibling or maybe Deadpool cracking a joke.

There is no doubt that expectations are really high about seeing the Man of Steel during next week’s E3, but, we caution you against not taking this rumor too seriously. Every year we feel that a Superman game is certain to be announced, and although we would love to see it happen, we are not sure it will happen in 2018.


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