Avengers: Infinity War – Fans Are Going Crazy Over This Scene Featuring Bucky and Rocket Raccoon


Marvel Studios has managed to pull off the impossible. The recently released Avengers: Infinity War happens to be their biggest film to date. The mega movie features all the major names seen so far in Marvel Cinematic Universe, and fans were keen to see the various team-ups that would take place in the movie. However, none would have anticipated Bucky Barnes pairing up with Rocket Raccoon, and no wonder fans are going hysterical about it.

Spoiler Warning: This is the mandatory spoiler warning for those who haven’t yet watched Avengers: Infinity War. There are major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War here. Don’t read any further! You have been warned.

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Right from the time Rocket debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a lot of fans have imagined how it would be to see him work alongside Bucky. Both of them know how it feels to be subjected to experiments and to lose their real personality. Audiences are not familiar with Rocket’s origin story, but, there were enough hints provided in the Guardians of the Galaxy to understand that his past was as painful as that of the Winter Soldier. Therefore, their team-up in Avengers: Infinity War was refreshing, and it brought forward the best aspects of Rocket.

This particular scene took place in Wakanda when the Black Order attacked the city to capture Vision. Rocket reached Wakanda with Thor and Groot, and he was all set to hunt the alien invaders. There was a point when Rocket fired a huge gun as he shot down the aliens and Bucky joined him soon after. The duo fought individually for a while before Bucky figured out a better way to fight.

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He grabbed Rocket by his jacket and started rotating on foot with both loaded hands. With one hand he kept firing his own gun and the other handheld Rocket who let out a hail of bullets in all directions. After cutting through the horde of attackers, Bucky made Rocky sit down, and the Guardian instantly inquired about the cost of his gun. When Bucky said that it wasn’t up for sale, Rocket wasn’t disheartened.

After a brief pause, Rocket asked Bucky about the cost of his arm, and Bucky just walked away feeling annoyed. The scene left Rocket fuming and resolving in his heart that he would certainly get hold of that prosthetic arm this way or that.

It might have been a short scene, but, it brought to life one of the much sought after fantasies of the MCU fans. Bucky has finally met Rocket and even teamed up with him to protect the universe. No wonder, the internet has gone crazy about this funny pair.









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