30 Incredibly Funny Rocket Raccoon Memes That Will Hurt Your Stomach


He might be one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, but, Rocket Raccoon is as unbelievable a character as they get. Rocket Raccoon is a genius, who despite being a raccoon walks and talks like humans. Rocket is an adept marksman and strategist. You would be surprised to know that his name and character elements were created as a nod to the 1968 song “Rocky Raccoon” by The Beatles In the films, the character is voiced by Bradley Cooper and motion capture is done by Sean Gunn. Rocket also has a key role in the Avengers: Infinity War which is shattering records at the box office at present.

After all his super abilities and intelligence, he still is a raccoon, and that’s what leads to some incredibly hilarious scenes in the films and other media such as memes. Thor thinks he is a rabbit; Mantis got a scare of a lifetime when she tried to treat him like a pet in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and his love for prosthetic limbs has become a part of the MCU mythos. He also doesn’t let go of any opportunity to make fun of Drax and Groot.

To celebrate the success of a nearly unbelievable character that Rocket Raccoon is, we have compiled a collection of most hilarious memes based on the furry character. Go ahead and have a look!

1. Haha!

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2. Listen to Him Groot!

3. Freakin!

4. LOL!

5. What The Hell!

6. Awesome!

7. Fair Trade!

8. Got It!

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9. Language!

10. Before And After!

11. Hehe!

12. Jerks!

13. Don’t Push This Button!

14. Ready!

15. Awww!


16. It’s really Pretty!

17. Gotcha!

18. You Fool!

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19. Like This Kid!

20. Finally!

21. Party!

22. Absolutely!

23. Heights!

24. WTF!

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25. Totally!

26. Cool!

27. Aww Yeah!


28. Fake Laugh!!

29. Adorable!


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