Rock May Appear In Sonic The Hedgehog Sequel


Sonic The Hedgehog has literally been a resounding hit for everybody. It raced into the hearts of every fan in the world who ever played this lovely game. The movie made every fan feel as if they were a part of its creation and that made it more heart-warming. Or maybe it could have been just good video game adaptation which Hollywood has struggled to make for many years. Maybe that’s why Sonic gave the highest opening for a video game adaptation to date dethroning Pikachu with a 58 million dollars business and an overall worldwide gross of more than 100 million dollars.

A lot of things worked for the movie, we got Jim Carrey in the avatar that we like the most. We got an adorable Sonic mainly because of our suggestions. We finally got a video game movie that paid heed to the original content. But when everything is said and done the team behind the movie should be given an applause for such an amazing product. One of such people is Neal McDonough who played Major Bennington — a.k.a. “Major Nobody Cares,” in the movie. When asked he owed the success of the movie to the fact that it was so family oriented. It had something for everyone. It had oodles of content for children to give them pure joy and at the same time they had a few jokes for the adults that were simply out of reach for their young lads and gals.  According to him that is the reason why the movie is no.1 everywhere.

When asked about the sequel he appeared excited about it and jokingly said that he has heard rumblings that Rock might be a part of it.

Maybe it is a joke but it’s not really impossible. Rock is not aversive to franchise. He is a part of Jumanji, Fast and Furious and DC franchise and he appeared to be visibly moved by his mention in the movie so he might make an appearance or voice a character like Knuckles the Echidna. Jeff Fowler did offer him a cameo.


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