Robin Now Has His First Costume In Batman Beyond


It has been a long time since Terry McGinnis took over as Batman, but, there hasn’t been any Robin. This is a world where the costumes of ex-superheroes are cased in glass in a memorial, and nobody lives at Wayne Manor. However, Batman Beyond #20 changes everything when Matt McGinnis gets his first official Robin costume from none other than Bruce Wayne.

The Bat Family is back.

Matt McGinnis has been given a more crucial role in his brother’s narrative in recent years, and everything led to this. After teasing it earlier, Dan Jurgens and Marco Castiello ultimately reveal Matt’s new costume, which is superb.

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Before Batman retired in the original Batman Beyond timeline, Tim Drake was the last person to wear Robin’s costume. Later Damian Wayne’s story was added to Gotham, but, this series is still visually influenced by DC Animated Universe. Therefore, Robin Beyond’s costume is similar to Tim’s costume in Batman: The Animated Series, but, still advanced enough to merge and appear as a new thing.

The animated Tim Drake costume was much different from the classic red and green Robin attire. It was a simple, big and red bodysuit accompanied by black gloves, sleeves, boots, and underwear. Later this design entered the comics with Tim Drak wearing the predominantly red costume after the Infinity Crisis.

If we compare Matt’s suit to Tim’s earlier versions, the similarity is easy to spot. In fact, Matt’s mask has a bit of green to pay homage to the classic Robin costume.

In fact, Matt’s latest look pays homage to Tim Drake in a very different way as well which might not have been planned. In New 52 version of Teen Titans, Red Robin had a costume that used his bird motif a bit too seriously. Rather than just a cape, Tim had wings which allowed him a limited flight ability. It even had the feathers to complete the bird feel. The wings on Matt’s suit are similar to Terry’s costume, and they also make the New 52 concept look really good.

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Sadly, Matt’s initial run as Robin didn’t make his brother happy. Terry doesn’t want the young and raw Matt to fight crime, but, Bruce backs the idea. This shows a role reversal compared to the scenario when Terry had first stolen the Batsuit in Batman Beyond.

When Matt tried to defend his brother from the villain Payback, Terry was disgusted at the thought of his only family member joining the battle. However, as Bruce said, if they didn’t train Matt, he would try doing it unsupervised soon. This is unlike Bruce Wayne, who generally remained reluctant to revive the Batman family. It also highlights the reason why the original Batman made so many youngsters join his mission. He wanted to supervise them to avoid them going the wrong way.

The best thing is that this might not be the last Robin costume for Matt. Bruce said it is just a prototype and they will design him something similar to Terry’s suit. Sounds good for sure!


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