Robert Englund Pitches A Freddy Krueger Prequel


A Nightmare on the Elm Street has been in the news quite a lot for the last few months. Since the rights of the movie has been reverted back to Wes Craven’s estate, the rumour mills are abuzz with speculations regarding the way the franchise will shape up whether it will be a movie that will come out of it or a series that will debut on HBO Max.

The franchise has to be nailed perfectly in whichever way it goes on in the future. It is too much in the legendary bracket to have any faults or blemish. The 2010 reboot though financially successful was not openly accepted by the fandom, like the original franchise.

Of course the conversation came to include the one and only Robert Englund, who played the iconic murderer/ ghost Freddy Krueger. Freddy being the worst specimen of humankind possible, was magnetic enough to have eight movie centred on him and the torment he caused to people in the dreams.

When asked he said that the time is opportune for a prequel. As we know the franchise has a rich backstory for Freddy. He was a child molester and murderer who got a clean chit from court but was murdered by vigilante parents. In the fourth movie we get to know that he was born out of his mother being sexually assaulted by 10 men. His father was never identified.

So we kind of get where he is coming from. With movies like Joker doing so well in the box office, this movie could actually do wonders too. According to Englund there is a lot of material to work with like how he got caught, what was the role of the lawyers, etc.

But he has been sadly pretty clear about one thing and that is it is very highly unlikely that he would in a full-fledged manner come back though he will always be open for a cameo.


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